Pyramid Ants

Dorymyrmex Species

Pyramid ants are monomorphic and about or just under 1/18” long and vary in color from brown to reddish. Their common name is associated to the pyramid shape of their thorax.

Pryramid ants prefer to build nests in dry habitats. In South Florida homeowners often see them on driveways. This ant excavates the soil and place the sand particles around a single entrance hole forming a distinctive nest opening that resembles a small volcano crater.

Pyramid ants tend aphids and other honeydew producing insects for the sugary secretion. They are also aggressive predators of live and dead insects for the protein intake. This carnivorous ant can bite, but do not sting.

Pyramid ants can heavily infest an entire yard and colonies grow easily to a few thousand workers. There is one queen per colony.

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