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Pest Control in Cooper City, Florida

GOTBUGSIKILL is a top residential service provider of pest control in Cooper City and the rest of South Florida. With a five-star rating, we lead the way as the most trustworthy exterminator in Cooper City, FL. Our treatment plans are not only effective but also very affordable.

Located in Broward County, Cooper City’s tropical climate is a magnet for all sorts of pests. Our homes offer ideal harborage conditions for ants, cockroaches, and other intruders. Without a reliable exterminator by your side, the benefits of living in the sunshine state can be overshadowed by having to worry about the dangers of pest infestations. When you hire GOTBUGSIKILL, we will eliminate this stress from your life so you can enjoy the perks of living in South Florida with your loved ones.

Our team members have many years of combined experience eliminating pests from Cooper City homes. Above all, we train our technicians to apply products in a manner that minimizes the impact on the environment and keeps your family and pets safe.

Home Pest Control in Cooper City, FL

GOTBUGSIKILL is the highest-rated exterminator in Broward County because we have a reputation for solving the most challenging pest problems.

In order to apply the right corrective measures, we first need to determine which species of pests, like ants or roaches, are infesting your Cooper City home. For example, pharaoh ants are tiny and often mistaken for sugar ants. Because pharaoh ants are very sensitive to certain insecticides and their nutritional needs are heavily weighted towards proteins, the treatment technique we’ll use to treat them differs from that for sugar ants.

When you hire a pest control company with inexperienced technicians, they will be unable to identify the species and may fail to solve the pest infestation. No other pest control company in South Florida spends more time training than GOTBUGSIKILL. You can rest assured that when our team member walks through your doors, they maintain the best knowledge, equipment, and products available in the industry.

We service most of our customers in Cooper City, FL, on a quarterly schedule. With our pest prevention program, KILL365, we will keep your home bug free and your family safe. We will remove spider webs around windows, doors, and under the eaves during each visit. Then, we will spray the foundation and all entry points thoroughly. Lastly, we will apply a highly attractive granular bait around your house. This granular treatment will keep away ants, cockroaches, crickets, and earwigs from your property.

KILL365 is our no-pest guarantee program. If at any time a pest returns, we will send your technician back free of charge. For residential pest control, no other pest control company in Cooper City delivers more value to our customers than GOTUBUGSIKILL.

Ant Control in Cooper City, FL

In South Florida, the most common household-infesting ants are the sugar ants, bigheaded ants, crazy ants, white-footed ants, pyramid ants, pharaoh ants, and carpenter ants. Of these seven species, the first three are the most prevalent in Cooper City and represent the majority of calls for ant control.

The best ant exterminators can identify the species by their size, color, the food they are attracted to, the way they move, and how their nesting grounds look. All ants require proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. However, the nutritional needs of some species favor one macronutrient over the other. As described above, pharaoh ants look similar to sugar ants but prefer proteins. Bigheaded ants can be confused with pyramid ants because they both make sand piles. But the shape of the sand mounds is different. Carpenter ants are easy to identify because they are very large and only forage at night.

It is fairly easy to treat for ants before they become established inside your home. It is a different ball game once they nest within your walls. Some species, like sugar ants and bigheaded ants, have multiple queens, so if you kill one colony, more ants will probably show up a few days later.

GOTBUGSIKILL protects many families from all sorts of pests in Cooper City, FL. When it comes to ant control in Cooper City, we are the specialists you can trust. We back our treatment techniques with knowledge and science. When you hire us, we will tell you exactly what to expect from the service and how long it will take for all the ants to disappear. We can usually get rid of all the ants in just under two days.

Cockroach Control in Cooper City, FL

Cockroaches are one kind of pest you don’t want to see in your Cooper City home. You should not be concerned about finding an occasional roach once in a great while when you live in Broward County. Palmetto cockroaches live outdoors; this is their natural habitat. Sometimes these creatures look for shelter during heavy rainstorms, which is the only time they’ll show up indoors.

The advantage of hiring a local pest control company like GOTBUGSIKILLS is that the baiting and spray we apply outdoors will keep pests under control, so you don’t have to chase them inside your house with a broomstick. Obviously, treating the exterior is the easy part. What sets us apart from the competition is that we are extremely good at killing cockroaches once they are living and reproducing inside the walls of your home. Under the right conditions, American roaches can survive inside the walls and attic. The reality is that very few exterminators in South Florida have the skills to handle cockroach infestations.

When treating for palmetto roaches indoors, we only use specialized insecticidal powders and granular baits in the voids where they hide and breed. We only spray for cockroaches inside a house to eliminate German cockroaches. German roaches are an introduced species, so the treatment protocol is different than that used for American roaches.

After you read our stellar reviews on Google, you will see why GOTBUGSIKILL is the top choice for cockroach control in Cooper City.

Mosquito Control Cooper City, FL

How often do you find yourself unable to enjoy your yard because the mosquitoes are eating you alive? Worry no more! GOTBUGSIKILL has the solution for you.

With our monthly mosquito control program, you will stop donating your blood to these blood-feeding creatures. The best mosquito treatment for residents in Cooper City is a foliar spray. The products we apply to the vegetation around your property will create an invisible barrier. When a mosquito rests on a leaf, it picks up the active ingredient from the spray and shortly succumbs.

A single female will lay about 1,000 eggs on several water-holding containers during its life span. One blood meal is usually enough to produce 250 eggs. To lay this massive number of eggs, a female will bite as many times as needed to obtain enough blood. Mosquitoes need the protein in the blood for egg development. For that reason, only females bite.

Before we start treating your Cooper City property, our technician will do a thorough inspection to identify all breeding grounds and hopefully remove them. Between our foliar spray and proactively removing breeding grounds after it rains, you will regain control of your yard and enjoy the outdoors again.

Another reason you should consider hiring a pest control company to eliminate mosquitoes is because they are a health hazard. Aedes mosquitoes are the most common in South Florida. In this genus, the Asian tiger and the yellow fever species are vectors of harmful viruses such as Zika, encephalitis, dengue, chikungunya, and yellow fever.

At GOTBUGSIKILL, we also offer non-spray solutions to control the mosquito population. The In2Care and the Inzecto systems are excellent alternatives for customers sensitive to insecticides or looking for treatments that do not harm bees or butterflies.

Local Exterminators in Cooper City, FL

Cooper City is a suburb of Fort Lauderdale with a population of 35,000 people. In 2021 Cooper City, FL, was ranked #3 by as one of the best cities to live in Florida. The schools in this great city are among the best in Broward County, ranking 8-10 among public schools.

The city of Cooper City operates 21 parks and 3 sports complexes, so there is plenty of open space to exercise or enjoy the outdoors with the family. With 175 acres, Brian Piccolo Park is one of the favorite outdoor spaces. This park is known for its renowned cricket grounds, cycling track, and skateboard park.

Cooper city is a great place to raise a family, so it is always a top choice for young professionals looking to settle down. Whether you own a house or are relocating to South Florida, partnering with a local exterminating company is important. Since 2017 GOTBUGSIKILL has been the leader in residential pest control.

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