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Best Pest Control in Hollywood, Florida

When it comes to keeping your Hollywood home bug-free, GOTBUGSIKILL should be on your short list of exterminators to consider. After all, we are the highest-rated pest control company in town!

Since 2017 we have been protecting many families in Hollywood, Florida, and surrounding cities in Broward County. We pride ourselves on providing effective pest solutions at an affordable price. Our treatment protocol will protect your biggest investment and keep your family safe from many common bugs that like to invade our homes.

South Florida is known for its summer rains. With its excess water and high temperatures, the bug population always explodes. In order to avoid the aggravation that comes along when you find ants in your kitchen or a cockroach cruising on your floor, you should look for a top-rated exterminator near Hollywood. When you hire GOTBUGSIKILL before the bugs become a problem, you will avoid this headache and also save money. 

Our team members are trained by entomologists to use Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques to solve active infestations and locate potential breeding grounds so that your home receives the best protection possible. With access to the best products in the industry, our treatments are effective, long lasting and harmless to the environment.

Home Pest Control in Hollywood, FL

Our signature pest control service is KILL365. This quarterly treatment is the most popular in Hollywood, Florida.

When you sign up for pest control, our tech pro will perform an initial service. For an average size home, this usually takes two hours. After a thorough inspection, we will begin treating key areas inside your home such as the wall voids and the attic. These spaces are attractive to ants and roaches because they provide shelter to nest and reproduce. With a little moisture, palmetto roaches can live within the walls of your home. And ants can quickly trail in and out of the walls to find food crumbs or spills.

Following the interior service, we start treating the exterior by spraying the foundation and applying granular baits throughout the landscape. The purpose of the whole service is to build multiple barriers of protection so that pests have no chance of getting inside your home. Following the initial treatment, our tech pro will provide you with a full report of the findings and what was done to correct the problem.

GOTBUGSIKILL is much more than your average bug company. We go a step forward, taking time to educate our customers on how to prevent pest problems such as mosquitoes, bed bugs, German roaches, fleas, flies, gnats, and more. In addition, we will give you specific recommendations such as tree trimming, caulking/foaming gaps, replacing seals under doors and in the garage, keeping exterior lights off, reducing clutter in the yard, etc. In Integrated Pest Management, these recommendations are known as physical and cultural corrections that help reduce or stop the pest population while preventing problems from re-occurring. 

Ant Control in Hollywood, FL

Ants are one of the most problematic pests in South Florida. The most common species are sugar ants, bigheaded ants, crazy ants, pyramid ants, and white-footed ants. Luckily, carpenter ants are not a big problem in Broward County.

Ants have a high reproductive potential, especially bigheaded ants. Once a newly inseminated queen finds a nesting ground, she starts laying eggs. While the queen is busy producing eggs 24/7, the workers are tasked to excavate and tend the brood. Termite queens are egg-producing machines can grow massive colonies of over 2,000 members in just one season.

Once the colony reaches maturity, the queen and the workers start making reproductive ants. By changing the diet during the larvae stage, select members of the nest will start to grow wings. When the conditions are optimal, the new queens and kings will swarm away from the nest to mate. This is known as the nuptial flight. In South Florida, swarmers are mostly seen in the summer after a rainstorm.

In summary, ants can invade your Hollywood home by ground or by nuptial flights. Having a local exterminator that knows how to identify and treat the most troublesome ant species in Broward County is extremely important. In order to eliminate an ant infestation for good, it is crucial to use the right products. These non-repellent compounds are slow acting, so the workers have enough time to bring the active ingredients back to the nest. Granular baits and gels are also widely used to control ants. However, these products are only effective when the nutritional need of each species is clearly understood.

When it comes to ant control, GOTBUGSIKILL is the most qualified pest control company in Hollywood, Florida. Our tech pros receive the best training in the industry and will evict this annoying pest from your home for good. In most cases, we will eliminate all the ants in 24-48 hours.

Cockroach Control in Hollywood, FL

The sight of a cockroach in our homes can trigger a whole array of unpleasant emotions. Unfortunately, our tropical climate is perfect for American and Australian cockroaches to thrive. There are millions of these roaches living outdoors, and that would be fine – except when they invade our sanctuary. Cockroach species that can adapt to live indoors are known as peridomestic roaches. In Hollywood, residents also have to be cautious not to bring German roaches inside the house. Unlike the palmetto roaches, most German roaches are physically introduced on accident.

Luckily, GOTBUGSIKILL is here to protect your family and avoid the dangers of living with cockroaches. Roach infestations need to be handled quickly because they are a health hazard. Cockroaches spend time in unsanitary places such as sewers, drains, and garbage disposals. These nasty bugs are happy here because there is plenty of organic matter they can consume. Plus, the humidity in these areas protects them from desiccation. The danger comes along when bacteria from these dirty areas are transported on the body of the roaches and contaminate every meal preparation surface they walk on. The most common foodborne pathogenic bacteria cockroaches spread are E. Coli and Salmonella.

The second layer of danger associated with cockroaches is that they produce allergens in the form of feces, saliva, and body parts. For people that are allergic to cockroaches, being exposed to any of these allergens could trigger severe allergic reactions.

Cockroach infestations should be taken seriously, and we strongly discourage homeowners that want to tackle this problem with do-it-yourself methods. Our tech pros have experience eliminating the worst cockroach infestations ever. Let the experts in our team protect your home and eliminate the threat that cockroaches can pose to your family.

Do not wait until there is a problem to call a local exterminator. During the initial treatment, we will apply long-lasting products in key areas of your home, which will prevent cockroaches from taking over your home. When you look for a pest control company near Hollywood, we encourage you to read reviews from us and our competitors. You will quickly find out why GOTBUGSIKILL is the highest-rated exterminator in South Florida.

Mosquito Control in Hollywood, FL

Mosquitoes are blood-sucking insects that can quickly ruin your outdoor activities when they decide to come out. Most people think that all mosquitoes bite; however, only the females are the real culprit. The female mosquito needs protein in the blood for egg development. The males die shortly after mating in flight.

In order for mosquitoes to complete the life cycle, they need a blood meal and water to lay the eggs. Under the right conditions, the entire life cycle can be completed in 10-16 days, and a single female can produce an average of 1,000 eggs in up to 5 batches. For each batch, the female mosquito needs a new blood meal. She may bite multiple times until she has collected enough blood.

In South Florida, we are blessed with one of the best weathers in the country. Unfortunately, this tropical climate is also a blessing for mosquitoes. Because mosquitoes need water for the eggs to hatch, these biting suckers are the worst during the summer due to daily rains. Therefore, the number one control measure when it comes to reducing the mosquito population is to eliminate every possible breeding ground around your property.

GOTBUGSIKILL expert technicians will walk your entire Hollywood property and find these breeding grounds so they can be eliminated or treated with a larvicide. Following the inspection, we will perform a foliar spray to create an invisible barrier around your home. Our mosquito control program will protect your family and pets from nasty bites and the diseases they can transmit. The Aedes mosquito is the most prevalent in Broward County. Within this genus, the Asian Tiger and Yellow Fever species make the top of the list. Both are vectors of viral diseases such as Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya, and Yellow Fever. The Aedes mosquito can also transmit the heartworm parasite in dogs.

Before calling a mosquito control company for your Hollywood home, first, try to eliminate every possible breeding ground in your yard. If that is not enough, give us a call. With GOTBUGSIKILL, you will be able to enjoy your backyard once again.

Local Exterminators in Hollywood FL

The city of Hollywood is located along the Atlantic coast and in the eastern section of Broward County. Being just a few steps away from pristine sandy beaches, it is a magnet for tourists. 

For families looking to enjoy warm weather and plenty of sunshine all year long, Hollywood is the perfect place to relocate. From swimming, sunbathing, fishing, and water sports, this city has it all.

The Hollywood Beach Broadwalk is probably the number one attraction in Hollywood. This pedestrian pathway along the beach comes alive every day with joggers, cyclists, rollerbladers, and beachgoers of all ages. This 2.2-mile waterfront promenade has little cafes, restaurants, and boutique shops.

Hollywood, Florida, is a unique city that has something to offer everyone. It goes without saying that these benefits can be undermined when your home is infested with bugs. Living in South Florida is beautiful until bugs take over your property. GOTBUGSIKILL has made it possible for many families to live a comfortable life without these worries.

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