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Did you know that Lantana’s name comes from the colorful Lantana plant? It reflects the area’s lush landscape, which is part of the Miami metropolitan area along the southeastern coast of Florida. One of its most famous landmarks is the 1889 Old Key Lime House, which specializes in seafood and key lime pie. It is also known for hosting the Lantana Fishing Derby, an annual fishing tournament. 

But, like many spots that attract tourists and residents with attractive weather and plentiful water sources, it also draws many pests that are eager to take over our homes. GOTBUGSIKILL can do the heavy lifting for you and eliminate even the most challenging infestations. For quality pest control in Lantana, contact us today.

Professional Ant Control In Lantana

Ants can seem inoffensive. They are tiny and can often go unnoticed as long as you don’t keep food out. Unfortunately, some can wreak havoc behind the scenes, while others can transmit various pathogens. The good news is that there are readily available treatments for ant removal and strategies to eliminate them, even during peak season.

GOTBUGSIKILL is the top-rated company for home pest control in Lantana, FL, offering free estimates over the phone, complimentary reservices if needed, and no cancellation fees or contracts. Our licensed technicians are experts at identifying and treating common household pests, and our KILL365 pest control program ensures year-round pest protection for your family and home.

We provide transparent pricing with a straightforward service fee based on your home’s square footage and prioritize cleanliness and customer satisfaction. Our glowing reviews on platforms like Google speak for themselves! Our pet-friendly and eco-friendly treatments are not only practical but also budget-friendly. We also provide customer education and free follow-up visits if pests return.

Call GOTBUGSIKILL today to get started with hassle-free, reliable pest control.

Cockroaches In Your Lantana Home? GOTBUGSIKILL Can Help

We will go over the best ways to eliminate cockroaches during our initial visit, but in the meantime, here are some effective strategies to get started:

  • Inspect groceries: When bringing groceries home, check bags and boxes carefully. Roaches can hitch a ride from the store into your home through inside them.

  • Check take-out food: Be cautious with take-out food. German roaches are extremely common in restaurants. Be sure to inspect food containers before bringing them inside.

  • Avoid used appliances and furniture: Refrain from picking up used items from unknown sources. Cockroaches can hide inside them and start an infestation in your home.

  • Be wary of visiting infested homes: Avoid visiting family or friends you suspect of having roaches. They can latch onto your belongings and accompany you back to your home.

  • Notify management in multi-family buildings: Do you suspect one of your neighboring units has a cockroach problem? Promptly contact building management; timely action can prevent the spread of the infestation into your home.

GOTBUGSIKILL can help you maintain a pest-free environment in your home year-round. 

Contact us today to learn how our cockroach exterminators can help, including species identification, targeted treatments like non-repellent sprays, baits, and insect growth regulators for German cockroaches or granular baits and insecticide dust for palmetto roaches.

How Lantana Residents Can Tell Mosquitoes To Buzz Off

Effective mosquito control in Lantana starts with eliminating attractants. It is essential in preventing diseases and ensuring you have a good time outdoors.

Here are some strategies to reduce their population and make professional interventions more effective:

  • Eliminate standing water: Because mosquitoes breed in stagnant water, you must eliminate any objects that can fill up with rain or dew or at least empty them regularly. Keep gutters clean to prevent water accumulation.

  • Install screens: Use window and door screens to prevent mosquitoes from entering your home. Mosquito nets can be helpful when you go camping.

  • Reduce hiding spots: Remember that mosquitoes rest in shaded areas during the day. Trim tall grass and dense vegetation around your home to limit their hiding spots.

  • Consider professional treatments: We live in an area with high mosquito activity. Control strategies can help make your property safer.

GOTBUGSIKILL can help through advanced products with microencapsulation technology that treats breeding grounds with larvicides and foliage with insecticide and growth regulator mix, the eco-friendly In2Care system, which traps and contaminates mosquitoes with larvicide and fungus, and more. Reach out to our experts to learn more.

All The Ways Bed Bugs Can Find Their Way In Your Lantana Home

As parasites, bed bugs are stealthy when it comes to getting inside your Lantana home. They are known to attach to hosts and get taken for a free ride without much awareness on the host’s part. Here are some of the ways that they can end up in your home:

  • Bringing bed bugs home after a coworker unknowingly brought them into your place of work 

  • Eating at a restaurant that has an infestation

  • Staying in a hotel that has bed bugs

  • Bringing home secondhand furniture or appliances that are already infested

  • Having a neighbor who has an infestation that spreads to your home

  • Riding public transportation

  • Going to the movies

  • Enjoying a drink at a bar

  • Visiting a friend’s house that has an infestation

The truth is that bed bugs survive wherever they have access to people. They also travel around very easily, so they can end up in your home without your knowledge. 

With how stealthy they can be acquired and the difficulty that comes with DIY bed bug control, it’s always recommended that you go with a professional service for bed bug removal. If the bed bugs are biting, give us a call and make them a thing of the past. For more information on bed bug control for your home, call GOTBUGSIKILL today. 

How Silverfish Get Into Lantana Homes

It’s easy for a tiny silverfish to find its way into your home. These slim, adaptable insects can do so through various means, leading to a widespread problem relatively fast as long as they can find enough food indoors.

For example, they can slip through small cracks in your structure, like thin gaps around your doors and windows or holes in your foundation. They can also come in through ventilation and drainage systems.

Another typical route is through infested books and cardboard boxes. Silverfish are known to feed and lay eggs on them. You must inspect these items before bringing them into your home, or you might unknowingly introduce them indoors.

Firewood can also harbor silverfish or their eggs. And in rarer cases, these unwanted guests can attach themselves to your pets during walks.

Finally, if you are near structures like a shed or garage infested with silverfish, they could enter through shared walls.

The best way to prevent a silverfish infestation is to fill in cracks they can use as entry points. We recommend sealing your foundation, installing screens on doors and windows, inspecting paper products, and maintaining a clean and dry home. Still, if you need more help, we can provide you with safe and effective strategies to keep them at bay. Call GOTBUGSIKILL to connect with a silverfish exterminator near you.

GOTBUGSIKILL is a family-owned pest control company that delivers exceptional customer service and effective home pest management with an unwavering commitment to achieving 100% customer satisfaction. We offer free reservices if pests return, provide complimentary initial inspections, and use safe products. There are no cancellation fees, and we back our services with a money-back guarantee, all without requiring long-term contracts. Our motto is simple: “We Kill. You Chill.” Contact us today.

Local Exterminators In Lantana

Lantana is a beautiful place to live, but nothing ruins the scenery quicker than the presence of insects and other pests. If you’re a Lanta resident in need of pest protection, don’t worry: GOTBUGSIKILL has you covered. Incorporating the latest in greatest in the pest control industry and headed by our licensed team of experts, there’s no pest problem we can’t handle, and no home we can’t keep pest-free for the future. 

We are your local pest control experts. We know Lantana and the surrounding areas of Florida well; we know exactly what types of pests thrive in our area and what’s required to put a stop to them. Don’t let pests create chaos around your Lantana home: call GOTBUGSIKILL today for more information about our comprehensive pest control offerings and get a free estimate for service!

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