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Eco-Friendly Pest Control In Tamarac, Florida

When it comes to preventing pests from becoming a problem in your Tamarac home, look no further than GOTBUGSIKILL. Our team experts will quickly identify the infestation and come up with a treatment plan that is effective, affordable, and eco-friendly.

With our signature pest control program, KILL365, you will be able to protect your family and your home from unwanted critters. Having an exterminator by your side that knows how to treat for pests that live in our area is vital. We are a five-star rated company because our technicians are highly trained and are equipped with the best tools and products in the industry.

Call GOTBUGSIKILL today and learn why so many satisfied customers choose us for residential pest control in Broward County.

Home Pest Control In Tamarac, FL

As soon as our technician arrives at your Tamarac property, we will do a thorough inspection, inside and outside. Our team members are armed with the skills to identify any pest problem you may have and take the right control measure to fix it.

When you look for an exterminator, you will probably find that there are two types of companies. One kind is motivated to service as many houses as possible in a day – spray quickly, jump back in the truck, go to the next home, and cross their fingers that they will not get callbacks.

When you hire this type of business, you may pay less for sure, but they will not solve your bug problems. In these situations, the technicians are poorly trained and burned out. They usually apply insecticides indiscriminately, without concern for the environment or pesticide exposure to your family and your pets. When a technician has to service 15-17 houses in a day, quality control is out the window.

On the other side of the coin, you will find a company like GOTBUGSIKILL. When you google “pest control near me,” you will see that we are the highest-rated pest control company in Tamarac. Our service model is completely different. First of all, our technicians service on average 9-11 houses in a day. Every new member of our team is trained to provide exceptional customer service. This includes inspection, identification, treatment, education, reporting, recommendations, and, last but not least, listening to customer concerns.

You can rest assured we will spend as much time as needed to make sure your home is not infested with creepy crawlers and your family is being protected from harmful pests. We always encourage our customers to read our reviews and see for themselves why we are the number one choice for residential pest control in Tamarac and South Florida.

Ant Control In Tamarac, FL

Finding ants crawling all over your food is one of the most frustrating things ever, especially if it happens every day. As homeowners, many times, we try to find solutions to problems before calling a professional company. When it comes to ants, we found out that some people initially buy gel baits, such as Terro, or sprays, such as HomeDefense, in hopes of saving some money. With these over-the-counter products, it is impossible to get rid of ants in Tamarac permanently.

After several failed attempts of temporary relief, customers end up calling us. Our technicians are capable of solving any ant problem in South Florida. We will use specialized baits and sprays that are formulated with slow-acting active ingredients. This allows the foragers to bring the toxins to the nest and kill every member of the colony. This group of insecticides is known as non-repellent compounds.

Our treatment protocol is so effective that once we cure the ant infestation, our pest control program, KILL365, will prevent them from bouncing back. This is the main reason homeowners in Tamarac sign up for ongoing maintenance. No other ant control company in Broward County has more experience dealing with ants than GOTBUGSIKILL.

Cockroach Control In Tamarac, FL

Finding and killing cockroaches is one of our specialties at GOTBUGSIKILL. The reason a home becomes infested with roaches is that they found suitable conditions to reproduce. If you find one cockroach in your Tamarac home, there are probably more hiding.

We are the highest-rated pest control company in Broward County because our technicians are the best at locating the breeding grounds and are equipped with the most effective products that will kill every single member of the nest. Our treatment protocols are specifically designed to be long-lasting. Once we get rid of these nasty bugs, they will not come back again.

The most common cockroaches in Tamarac are palmetto roaches, also known as water bugs. Adults measure up to two inches long. This species likes to move indoors to find shelter from extreme weather conditions such as rainstorms or high heat. When the conditions are right, the females will start having babies. At this point, you will have to call an exterminator because over-the-counter sprays will not solve a roach infestation.

German roaches are also problematic in Tamarac. Unlike the other species, adult German cockroaches measure ½ inch long. Between the two, this is usually the worst species because they have a very high reproductive potential and they are well adapted to living among people. On the other hand, German roaches are physically introduced into our living environment, they do not come from the outdoors.

No matter what cockroach species is infesting your Tamarac home, it is important that you hire a reputable company that has a successful track record. Living with roaches is a health hazard because they carry pathogenic bacteria and they contaminate food and cooking surfaces with feces and other bodily secretions. For people who are sensitive to cockroach allergens, living with roaches can be extremely uncomfortable.

Mosquito Control In Tamarac, FL

Nobody likes mosquitoes, especially when they ruin your outdoor activities. In most parts of the country, mosquitoes are a seasonal event. Mosquitoes are cold-blooded insects, so anytime the temperature drops below 70° F, these biters become lethargic, and at 50° F, they become inactive or die. In northern states, mosquitoes are only a problem during the summer and fall months because the rest of the year is too cold. Most species function best at 80° F, so it is common to see mosquitoes all year long in South Florida.

The second component for mosquitoes to become active is the availability of water-holding containers for the females to lay the eggs. These breeding grounds only develop after a rainstorm. In South Florida, mosquitoes are the worst between July and September because of the high temperature along with the summer rains. The most common species in our area are the Asian tiger and the yellow fever mosquito. Both belong to the same genus, Aedes, and are referred to as container mosquitoes.

The first step of a mosquito control program is to identify and eliminate as many breeding grounds as possible. Water-holding containers, such as old tires, plant pots, saucer dishes, kid’s toys, bird baths, clogged gutters, and certain plants, can be the main reason for high mosquito populations. Our technicians will inspect your Tamarac home and help you find these breeding grounds. If mosquitoes are still a problem after removing the water containers, we encourage you to try a foliar spray.

With our barrier treatments, you will take back control of your yard and enjoy the outdoors again. If you are sensitive to chemicals, we can also install non-spray systems such as the Inzecto or the In2Care mosquito stations.

Local Exterminators In Tamarac, FL

Tamarac is a small city with a population of 67,000 inhabitants. This vibrant city is located in Broward County, and it is a great place to raise a family. Many people choose Tamarac because it is a safe place, and the school system is excellent. Also, the median home price is $230,200, so it is an affordable place to live in.

Our pest control services are also affordable, especially if you sign up for our signature pest prevention program, KILL365. Most of our customers in Tamarac are serviced every three months. With this frequency, we will keep ants, cockroaches, spiders, wasps, silverfish, earwigs, and other pests under control.

GOTBUGSIKILL is a small family-owned pest control company, and every customer is treated like family. We hope you give us the opportunity to show you why we are different than the large national brands. You will not regret it!

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By focusing on the steps that make pest control successful, GOTBUGSIKILL can confidently offer you a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We do what works to eliminate pests from your home and we won’t rest until you are fully satisfied with our service. If you have any questions or would like help getting rid of pests, reach out to us today!

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