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Most effective Pest Control in Wilton Manors, Florida

GOTBUGSISKILL is a premium pest control company located in Broward County. Since 2017 we have provided effective pest control solutions for many families in South Florida. At GOTBUGSIKILL, we talk the walk, and we walk the walk.

The tropical climate of Wilton Manors and the proximity to the ocean is a melting pot for lots of bugs. And when you factor in the summer rains and high temperatures into the equation, it becomes a mega buggy problem.

When you sign up for our recurring pest control service, you will know that the best exterminator in town is protecting your home and your loved ones. Don’t wait until the ants and the cockroaches are out of control to make the call. Prevention is cheaper than cure. The same is true with pest control. If you let the bugs run wild and take control of your home, you may have to pay more to evict them once they are a permanent resident.

GOTBUGSIKILL provides the most effective pest control treatments at an affordable price. Our top priority is the safety of your family, our technicians, and the environment. You can rest assured that every treatment protocol is pet-friendly and eco-friendly.

Call today and learn why we are the highest-rated exterminator in Wilton Manors, FL.

Home Pest Control in Wilton Manors, FL

As previously mentioned, prevention is better than cure. This statement is true-fold. For one, you can save hundreds of dollars by proactively treating your home. But also, you can avoid specific problems associated with not having regular pest control services. For example, cockroaches produce allergens that can be harmful to some people or, at the minimum, cause allergic reactions in others.

When you hire GOTBUGSIKILL, our technicians will do a thorough interior treatment during the initial visit. The goal of this service is to apply long-lasting products inside the walls of the wet areas of the home and attic. Whether there is an active infestation or not, this service is designed to provide long-term protection.


The development of our technicians is one of the main reasons we are the highest-rated pest control in South Florida.

Every team member at GOTBUGSIKILL receives specific onboarding training designed to provide the best customer service experience. In addition, all our technicians attend Pest Management University (PMU). This is the best educational program in the pest management industry, a cooperative effort between the industry and the University of Florida.

Ant Control in Wilton Manors, FL

Ant infestations are one of the biggest pest problems in South Florida. Most ant species measure 1/8 of an inch, so it is easy for them to travel indoors. And that is not the smallest species; sugar ants measure up to 1/16 of an inch. Unless your home has an airtight seal, there is no way to prevent this tiny bug from getting indoors. This is impossible, even for brand-new homes.

The best way to prevent ants is to kill them before they move indoors. If you allow ants to run wild, they will use your home as shelter. They also have access to food and water, so they don’t have to travel far to forage. When ants become comfortable inside your Wilton Manors home, they may not want to trail outdoors anymore. At that point, the infestation will be so advanced that you will likely find ants in every single room of the house.

A common species in Broward County is the Bigheaded ant. This particular ant is notorious for forming super colonies of 3,000 members. They are excellent excavators and create extensive underground tunnels that extend beyond your property line. This is the only species that can excavate indoors through expansion joints or cracks in the foundation. When you allow bigheaded ants to achieve super colony status, you will start to see sand piles and body parts of dead ants on the floor. And obviously, you will see them trailing everywhere.

Hiring a reliable ant control company like GOTBUGSIKILL will protect your home and avoid a headache from these ants and other species, such as carpenter ants, crazy ants, and white-footed ants. Our technicians are trained to use specific non-repellent products that delay the kill effect so the entire colony is wiped out.

Cockroach Control in Wilton Manors, FL

If I have to guess, most people would not be happy seeing a cockroach cruising on the floor. And probably, most people will get up and smash the sucker with something before it can get away. Knowing that cockroaches might be living inside our homes is a very distressing feeling and a reason why people call a pest control company right away.

A very common cockroach in South Florida is the palmetto roach, also known as the American cockroach or water bug. This species can become a real problem if they find enough moisture to reproduce. In our homes, the kitchen and the bathrooms are the two places that provide the best conditions for this cockroach to breed. The attic is also a place that ought to be inspected and treated. The possibility of moisture infiltrating during a heavy rainstorm is real for a home with an old roof. This is something to remember during the rainy season and why you should hire an exterminator. An old AC system will produce condensation, a moisture source that makes it ideal for cockroaches to breed.

Many pest control companies in Broward County refuse to go into the attic. We understand that climbing ladders are a liability and a reason why they have this policy. But the fact is that the attic should be inspected during an initial treatment, more so if the customer called because they are having a roach problem. In South Florida, there is no way you can get away without treating this space.

German roaches are also a pest we have to deal with in Wilton Manors, FL. Unlike American or Australian cockroaches, German roaches are 100% domestic. They do not come from the outdoors and are physically introduced by accident. In multifamily dwellings, they can also travel from unit to unit. In recent years German cockroach infestations have become more common. We can tie this increase to two new formats for ordering food and buying products online.

With the arrival of companies like Uber Eats and DoorDash, more people are choosing to order through these platforms and stay home. German roaches are the number one pest in restaurants. Sometimes drivers end up with roaches in their cars, which then hitchhike into your home with the food wrapping. Vacation rental properties are the most susceptible to German roach infestations because guests constantly use delivery food service.

Cardboard boxes are the number one vehicle German cockroaches use to invade our homes. Today, most of us use our phones to buy products online and get them delivered to our doorstep. Amazon has revolutionized this modality by making buying online quickly and securely easy. With so many boxes arriving at our doorsteps, German roaches have more chances to infest your Wilton Manors home.

We know you have many choices when it comes to choosing the best exterminator to protect your home and your loved ones from cockroach infestations. But no other company is as good as GOTBUGSIKILL! We teach our technicians about cockroach biology and their behavior. We also provide them with the industry’s most technologically advanced equipment and products to implement the most effective cockroach control protocols.

Mosquito Control in Wilton Manors, FL

When you live in Wilton Manors, you have to be prepared to deal with mosquitoes during the rainy season. Mosquitoes are not too bad for 2/3 of the year, but these biting creatures have a blood fest from mid-May to mid-October. The female mosquito needs water to lay her eggs to complete the life cycle. During the fall, winter, and spring, there is little rain in South Florida, so the mosquito population is less severe than in the summer months.

Like any other insect, mosquitoes are cold-blooded, so the surrounding environment dramatically influences their metabolism and activity. Cold temperature inhibits activity, and hot temperature stimulates activity. In northern states, pest control activity literally shuts down during the winter due to the cold weather. In this period, some bugs go into hibernation, and others die, but the eggs survive until they hatch in spring.

During the winter, while the rest of the county is solidly frozen down here, it is all warm and sunny. Anytime the temperature is 70°F or more, it is enough heat for mosquitoes to get going. For Wilton Manors and surrounding cities, mosquito control treatments are year-round.

Beyond the fact that mosquitoes will ruin a lovely outdoor event with your family, they are also capable of vectoring many viral diseases, such as encephalitis, Zika, dengue, chikungunya, and yellow fever. Mosquitoes can also transmit a parasite known as Dirofilaria, which causes heartworm disease in dogs. Mosquitoes bite people, animals, birds, rodents, and anything warm-blooded because they use the protein in the blood to develop the eggs. Only the female mosquito takes a blood meal; males are completely harmless and die shortly after mating.

Traditionally, mosquitoes have been controlled with foliar sprays. This treatment method is widely used and very effective when there is enough vegetation surrounding the home.

However, some properties do not qualify for sprays because there are not enough plants to apply the insecticide on. When they are not biting, usually in the middle of the day, mosquitoes rest underneath the leaves of plants. Mosquitoes are fragile insects that can dehydrate and die in a harsh environment, so they seek these areas to find shelter until it cools off. When they land on treated areas, they receive a dosage of the active ingredient and quickly die. This is why mosquitoes are more active during the evening hours.

With the advancement of technology, new mosquito systems are coming into the market that can control the population without spraying. The In2care and Inzecto systems are becoming popular alternatives to traditional spray. 

Call us if you are tired of dealing with mosquitoes at your Wilton Manors home. We will assess your property and recommend a foliar spray or go with the non-spray mosquito systems. During the inspection, our technicians will also identify potential breeding grounds that can collect water. If these breeding grounds cannot be removed, we will apply a larvicide to the water so the larvae cannot become adults.

Take back control of your yard and protect your family with the best in the business, GOTBUGSIKILL!

Bed Bug Extermination in Wilton Manors, FL

Bed bugs are one of the most challenging pests to eliminate. Therefore, it is crucial that you hire a competent pest control company that has a proven track record of treating this bug. If you see bites or find stains on the bed linings, you may have a bed bug infestation.

Living with bed bugs is one of the most stressful feelings a homeowner can experience. There is probably no worse anxiety than knowing little insects are waiting to come out to bite you while you are sleeping. A bed bug infestation is a serious problem and should be tackled by a pest control professional immediately. An adult female can lay 2-5 eggs a day, and a single female is capable of laying 200-500 eggs in a lifetime. So, each hour you wait to act, more bed bugs are being generated.

GOTBUGSIKILL has developed a unique treatment protocol that guarantees the complete elimination of bed bugs from your home. We achieve this result by using products with different modes of action. Our team members are trained to apply these products safely and effectively so every egg, nymph, and adult is wiped out.

Pest control companies should refrain from doing bed bug treatments unless there is concrete evidence of activity beyond just bites. Some key indicators could be live or dead bed bugs, exoskeletons, fecal stains, eggs, and blood smears on the bed lining. If none of these signals are present, your exterminator should advise you to wait a little longer.

If you want an honest company to give you an honest opinion, look no further than GOTBUGSIKILL. We are the leading bed bug exterminator in Wilton Manors, FL.

Local Exterminators in Wilton Manors, FL

Wilton Manors is a small town of about 12,000 people located a few minutes north of downtown Fort Lauderdale. Wilton Manors is known for its inclusiveness to the LGBTQ community. This vibrant town has numerous bars and clubs and offers events throughout the year. The city puts together a variety of recreational and cultural activities, such as parades, festivals, and art shows. And if you are looking for more action, you can quickly drive to Las Olas Boulevard and enjoy boutique restaurants, shops, and art galleries along the avenue.

This town is a fantastic place to live, and everyone is so welcoming. Call us if you are experiencing bug problems or considering moving to Wilton Manors. Let us take care of the pests so you can enjoy this community to its potential. We are the highest-rated pest control company in Wilton Manors because we have effective pest solutions and provide the best customer experience.

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