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Pet Safe Pest Control in Delray Beach

GOTBUGSIKILL is the leader in the elimination of all pests that invade homes in Delray Beach. We are different from other exterminators in the fact that our focus is solely on residential pest control. Because of this, we provide the best home pest control experience in the Delray Beach area. Unlike other pest control companies in South Florida, we train our technicians to find the source of the infestation and utilize the most innovative products and equipment to eliminate it so that you don’t have to share your home with creepy crawlers ever again.

The best way to keep Delray Beach pests away from your home is to hire a professional pest control company able to solve the problems you’re facing with eco-friendly and pet-friendly methods. Our technicians will do a thorough inspection of your property to find potential pest entry points and identify key areas where pests may be harboring inside your home. With this information in hand, our team will develop a treatment plan customized to your home’s specific needs, keeping your family safe without harming the environment. 

At GOTBUGSIKILL, we do not have salespeople. Our technicians are field experts and know exactly what it takes to cure any infestation your Delray Beach home might be facing. While salespeople are trained to sweet talk customers, our technicians are trained to solve problems. With GOTBUGSIKILL, you will not have to make two appointments to start your service. Since our experts have already identified the problem and assessed the proper solution, we can start immediately. 

GOTBUGSIKILL prides itself on using the best materials, driving the best service vehicles, hiring the best technicians, wearing the best uniforms, and providing the best training in the industry. If you want the best pest control company in Delray Beach, look no further: you’ve found it. 

At GOTBUGSIKILL, “We Kill. You Chill.” Call GOTBUGSIKILL today and leave the pest elimination to the pros.

Home Pest Control In Delray Beach

Delray Beach is a great place to live and work. People move to south Florida to enjoy the semi-tropical weather and access to beautiful beaches. Unfortunately, this climate is also ideal for all kinds of insect and animal pests to thrive all year long. Most insects are just considered a nuisance, but some are truly destructive or dangerous pests requiring ongoing services to keep them under control.

KILL365 is our recurring pest control service that will keep ants, roaches, mosquitoes, and other bugs away from your Delray Beach home.

What can you expect when you partner with GOTBUGSIKILL?

  • A thorough inspection by an expert technician to locate potential entry points or breeding grounds

  • A customized application of liquid sprays and granular baits specific to your home’s unique needs

  • Pet-safe, children-safe treatments that target only the insects invading your property

  • Removal of spider webs and wasp nests around your home

  • A complete report with notes describing what was done during the service

  • Recommendations on corrective measures: moisture problems, vegetation touching your home, caulking potential entryways, etc

  • Free call-backs! If you have a pest issue between services, give us a call, and one of our exterminators will return – free of charge!

The initial service is the most crucial treatment because it will kill whichever bug is currently invading your home and leave behind dusts and granular baits in key areas. This will protect your Delray Beach home from future pests that may want to invade. Our technicians spend an average of two hours during the first visit. We dust the wall voids in the kitchen and bathrooms, apply granular baits under the cabinets and the attic, and treat the laundry room and the garage. In addition, we begin working on the exterior to build the protective barriers around your home to prevent future pest problems.

Once our exterminators get rid of the bugs infesting your home, we rarely come back for interior treatments after the initial service. Our recurring service is customized to your home needs. Most of our customers in Delray Beach have quarterly services, but we also offer bi-monthly or monthly services if needed.

Call today to learn more about our KILL365 pest control program.

Ant Control in Delray Beach

Are you tired of fighting ants inside your home? If you feel you are losing this battle, give us a call today. We are specialists in the eradication of ants from south Florida homes.

Every ant species that you find inside your home originates from the exterior. Long-term control of ants is achieved with the proper use of liquid sprays and granular baits. Several species of ants invade Delray Beach homes: sugar ants, bigheaded ants, whitefooted ants, crazy ants, carpenter ants, acrobat ants, pyramid ants, and pharaoh ants.

Each of these species have different nesting habits and nutritional needs. The first step to successfully eliminating the ants from your home is to identify the species. Unlike other exterminating companies, our technicians receive the most rigorous training in insect biology and identification.

Sugar ants are the most common species to invade homes in Palm Beach County. At only 1/16 inch long, they are very tiny and hard to see on dark surfaces. Sugar ants are also known as ghost ants. Sugar ants are attracted to sweet foods inside the house, giving them their name. Outside the house, they are very fond of honeydew produced from aphids, mealybugs, or scales. When sugar ants become established, some reproductive females will migrate to new nesting sites inside the house and create new colonies. The best way to eliminate these ants from your Delray Beach come is with non-repellent insecticides and gel baits.

Bigheaded ants are also prevalent in Palm Beach County. The easiest way to identify this ant species is by their nesting habits and because the majors have a very large head compared to the minors. The majors constitute 1% of the colony and use their large mandible to crack the husks of seeds and the exoskeleton of insect prey. You can also tell you have bigheaded ants because they leave piles of loose sandy soil as they excavate under stones, pavers, and cracks in slabs to expand their colonies. It is difficult to control bigheaded ants because they reproduce quickly and create super colonies that can expand across multiple property lines. Colonies are multi-queened and can contain up to 3,000 individuals. Heavy infestation of bigheaded ants requires the use of specialized baits around the landscape. The workers carry the bait to the nest, and the colony begins feeding on it. This bait has two active ingredients, an adulticide, and an insect growth regulator. This unique two-way killing action ensures complete decimation of the queen and the workers. The adulticide wipes the colony out while the insect growth regulator stops larvae development to prevent rebound. 

The key to eliminating ants from South Florida homes is knowledge. The team at GOTBUGSIKILL has better training than any other pest control company in Delray Beach. If you want to get rid of ants and other pests invading your home by a reputable company, give us a call today to get started on our effective ant control services in Delray Beach. You will quickly find out why we are the highest-rated exterminator in the area.

Cockroach Control in Delray Beach

Nobody likes to see roaches roaming around the floors or kitchen counters. For many people, the presence of a single roach can be a stressful situation. Unlike ants, roaches are considered a health hazard because they pick up germs as they travel through unsanitary places such as sewers and garbage. Cockroaches then contaminate foods and cooking surfaces with their germs, saliva, and fecal droppings. Unfortunately, roaches are frequent invaders in Delray Beach homes.

Palmetto roaches are the most common cockroaches to invade homes in Delray Beach. These roaches are also known as American roaches, and they are considered peridomestic insects because they can live indoors and outdoors. Once inside the home, they can breed within the walls and the attic. During our initial treatment, we will dust the voids in all wet areas of the house and apply granular baits in the attic and under the cabinets. The dusts and the baits provide long-term protection from future invaders and kills them before they become established. Unless there is a plumbing issue, our technicians will eliminate any roach problem from your home. American roaches live outdoors, but we tend to see them indoors when looking for shelter during a heavy rainstorm or to cool off during a hot and dry day. The most effective way to keep palmetto roaches away from your Delray Beach home is to hire an exterminator that knows how to kill them inside and keep them under control with our effective cockroach control services in Delray Beach.

German roaches are also common in Delray Beach. These roaches are considered domestic insects because they can only live indoors. German roaches are physically introduced into our homes by accident. The most common entryways are through cardboard boxes, used appliances, and food delivery services. In multifamily housing, German roaches can also travel from unit to unit. German roaches have a high reproductive potential. In a lifespan, a single female produces on average five egg cases called oothecae. Each case has an average of 30-40 eggs. Treating German roaches requires a high level of knowledge and skill. This is not something for a rookie technician. Many exterminating companies fail to eliminate German roaches for two reasons, poorly trained or just plain lazy technicians. To successfully eradicate German cockroaches, you need the right materials, proper equipment, and knowledge of application techniques. GOTBUGSIKILL has the best-trained technicians in South Florida. No other pest control company is a match for GOTBUGSIKILL. Don’t take my word for it; read our 5-star rating in Google, Yelp, and BBB.

Mosquito Control in Delray Beach

Delray Beach’s tropical weather is one of the best in the country, and it is one main reason why people move to South Florida. What’s the point of having a beautiful backyard if you’re not able to enjoy it because the mosquitoes are eating you alive? In South Florida, mosquitoes are the worst in the summer during the rainy season. Eliminating water-holding containers, natural or artificial, is the best way to prevent mosquitoes. The water in these containers serve as breeding grounds for the female mosquito to lay her eggs. A single Aedes mosquito can lay up to 1,000 eggs in batches of 200 eggs. Each time a female lays a batch of eggs, she needs a blood meal. This means a single female mosquito will bite several times during her life span.

While females are the ones that bite, the male mosquitoes do not bite and only feed on the nectar of flowers to get the sugar they need for energy and survival. The males live for three to five days. The females also feed on plant juices for energy, but they also need a blood cocktail before she can lay a batch of eggs. The protein and other compounds in the blood are required for the production and development of the eggs. A female mosquito will bite as many times as needed until she is full. She will then rest for two days before laying her eggs. After this is complete, she is ready to bite again. Unlike the males, the female mosquito lives for one to two months.

Mosquito bites are annoying because of the minor localized itching and irritation they cause. Luckily in the USA, mosquito bites are not medically significant in the USA because we do an excellent job at managing mosquito populations and the diseases they transmit. Mosquitoes are vectors of several viruses such as yellow fever, chikungunya, Zika, malaria, West Nile, and dengue.

Tips for preventing Mosquitoes in Delray Beach:

  • Eliminate water-holding containers

  • Turn over empty flowed pots

  • Remove unused tires

  • Aerate birth baths

  • Clean gutters

  • Clean pet bowl

  • Empty dishes under potted plants

  • Limit the use of plants that retain water, such as bromeliads

At GOTBUGSIKILL, we are experts in the control of mosquitoes. Our technicians will do a thorough inspection of your Delray Beach property to locate possible breeding grounds that should be eliminated or give you recommendations on steps you can take to manage these sites if they can not be eliminated. We also carry an array of larvicides that we use to treat bodies of water that prevent the larvae from becoming adults.

GOTBUGSIKILL is committed to protecting the environment and minimizing the impact that pesticides have on beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies. Unless it is for a special event, we found there are better systems to keep mosquitoes under control than foliar sprays or misting systems. We install stations in your backyard that attract and kill the female mosquito. These units are highly effective at mitigating the mosquito population and do not harm bees and butterflies. With GOTBUGSIKILL, the outdoors can be fun again! Reach out today to get started on our mosquito control services in Delray Beach.

Local Exterminators in Delray Beach

Located in the county of Palm Beach, Delray Beach is one of the best places to live and work in Florida. Delray Beach is a small city with a population of around 70,000 people. With 3 miles of Atlantic Ocean coast, a cosmopolitan vibe, and warm weather year-round, Delray Beach attracts tourists from all over the world and families that want to relocate to this area.

Atlantic Avenue is the beating heart of Delray Beach. The avenue has several blocks of boutiques stores, restaurants, bars, cafes, and art galleries. This city is always full of life, and it is best experienced when strolling along this strip.

If you are a permanent resident of Delray Beach or you are just vacationing, you will want to have an exterminator by your side to keep the bugs away from the home. Our motto is “We Kill. You Chill.” Leave the killing to the pros at GOTBUGSIKILL and enjoy everything that Delray Beach has to offer. We are the highest-rated pest control in South Florida, period!

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