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We want to be your number one choice when looking for a company to keep ants, roaches, mosquitoes, and other pests away from your home and your loved ones. Our technicians receive the most rigorous training in the identification and treatments of bugs common to residential properties. You can be certain that when we arrive at your doorstep, we are the most qualified exterminator you can find. With our KILL365 pest control program we will keep your family safe and your home bug-free year-round.

Don’t you hate when you have to deal with salespeople? We don’t like it either! So, at GOTBUGSIKILL we do not have salespeople. When you call us for an estimate, we will tell you exactly what the regular service fee is before you schedule an inspection. Our prices are uniformly based on the square feet of your home. With our KILL365 program, it is affordable to have pest control. And there are no cancelation fees!

Our technicians wear clean uniforms every day and before stepping a foot inside your home we will put on booties and other protective accessories if necessary. By the time we finish the initial treatment, you will be very happy you decided to partner with us. No other pest control company in South Florida is a match for GOTBUGSIKILL!

AT GOTBUGSIKILL, “We Kill. You Chill.” Call today and leave the killing to us.

Reliable Pest Control Solutions For South Florida

When you hire an exterminator, you want to choose one that has proven results. It is not a coincidence we are the highest-rated pest control company in South Florida. Our reviews on Google and other platforms speak for themselves. We work hard for our customers and in turn, they give us the best reviews.

Our pet-friendly and eco-friendly treatments are effective and affordable. We will not rest until every last pest is eliminated from your property. GOTBUGSIKILL offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back, so you have nothing to lose.

KILL365: The Plan To End Your Pest Problems

Pests love South Florida just as much as people do, which is why we have to contend with them every month of the year. Because of this, protecting your property from unwanted pests can seem like a big job, but with the help of GOTBUGSIKILL, it doesn’t have to be. Whether you have a current pest problem or want to prevent one from happening, KILL365 is the plan for you.

KILL365 is our signature pest prevention plan for residential homes. This plan covers a wide variety of the most common pests found in South Florida such as ants, cockroaches, and wasps. It will also control occasional invaders such as spiders, silverfish, earwigs, crickets, snails, and slugs.

When you partner with us for home pest control, from the initial inspection through every subsequent service visit, we’ll work to build barriers that keep pests out. When you choose the KILL365 plan, you can expect the following:

Initial Inspection

Here at GOTBUGSIKILL, our initial inspection is designed to identify the specific pests that you’re dealing with and give our technicians the information they need to develop a plan specifically suited to deal with your unique pest pressures. We’ll begin by performing a thorough interior inspection to check windows, doors, plumbing lines, the garage, and the attic. Then we’ll move outdoors to look for pest activity and entry points that need to be addressed.

Initial Service Visit

During your initial service visit, we’ll put the treatment plan into place that was developed based on the inspection. This can include any or all of the following:

  • Dusting or granulating of the attic space.
  • Dusting of wall voids in kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Crack and crevice applications where needed.
  • Liquid treat and spider web removal in garage.
  • Spot treatment of baseboards and/or windowsills.
  • Liquid treatment of base of foundation, around doors and windows, and under the eaves.
  • Granulate around landscaped areas, planting beds, and shrubs.
  • Remove accessible spider webs in and around your home.

Quarterly Regular Service

With our KILL365 plan, we will come every three months to treat your home and property. During each of these visits, we’ll inspect for pest activity and start the service by cleaning any accessible spider webs around the home, including small cage enclosures. We then apply a liquid treatment at the base of foundation and around windows and doors, and under the eaves. Finally, we apply granules around landscaped areas, planting beds, and shrubs creating the first barrier of protection around your home. We only use the best products in the market that have been proven to be the safest and last the longest so your family can enjoy the benefits of having a pest-free home.

Pest-Free Guarantee

Family & Pet Friendly

Your health and safety is always our top priority. That's why we only use products that are safe for you and your pets and have minimal environmental impact.

Customer Education

Educating homeowners on best practices for pest prevention is often where other pest control companies fall short. We include this education to ensure success.

Free Follow-Up Visits

If pests return in between our service visits, we'll return as well. Our follow-ups are always free and always performed within 48 hours of your call, guaranteed!

Ant Control In South Florida

Once ants decide to invade your home it is impossible to eliminate them without the help of an expert exterminator. Thanks to South Florida warm weather ants thrive all year long. The most common ant species we contend with here in Florida are sugar ants, bigheaded ants, crazy ants, pyramid ants, acrobat ants, white-footed ants, pharaoh ants, and carpenter ants.

Each of these species have different nesting habits and nutritional needs. Our technicians are trained to identify every species and develop a treatment plan so you will not have to share your home with them anymore. This gives GOTBUGSIKILL an edge over the competition that is only trained to use a banquet approach for getting rid of ants.

To effectively eliminate ants within the home your exterminator should use specialized products such as liquid sprays, gel baits, and granular baits. The technician that goes to start your service should use non-repellent insecticides. Failure to do so will aggravate the situation as repellent insecticides will lock the ants inside. When ants become threatened many species split up and form a new colony somewhere else. This process is called budding, and it happens when customers use over the counter sprays or poorly trained technicians use repellent insecticides.

If you are tired of dealing with ants give us a call today. We are the ant specialist in South Florida!

Cockroach Control In South Florida

Cockroaches are one of the most unpleasant insects to crawl this earth. And when we find them inside our homes all the alarms go off. Knowing that roaches are breeding within our walls it is very stressful for anyone. Cockroaches are also a health hazard because they can pick up germs as they travel through unsanitary places. They also contaminate foods and food preparation surfaces with their saliva and fecal droppings. Cockroaches also produce certain proteins that are allergens for some people.

There are several species of roaches in South Florida. However, German roaches and palmetto roaches are the two species the cause the most trouble in this part of the country. The German roach is considered a domestic insect and the palmetto roach is considered a peridomestic insect. Palmetto roaches are also known as American roaches.

A domestic cockroach is one that is physically introduced into the home by accident. German roaches cannot survive living outdoors. The most common entryway for these roaches is through cardboard boxes or when people bring in used appliances. A peridomestic cockroach is one that can live either indoors or outdoors. Palmetto roaches like living outside in secluded places that are dark and high in humidity. They also live inside the sewer lines by the millions which it is an ideal place for them to breed.

Our homes can also be a suitable place for American roaches to thrive. Secluded places such as wall voids, the attic, and the garage can offer the right conditions for this insect to take off. There is plenty of moisture around the kitchen and bathrooms. An AC line in the attic that produces condensation is another source of moisture. The garage is usually not included in the cooling system, so this space is as humid as the exterior of your home. Palmetto roaches usually move indoors during heavy rainstorms. Your home is the perfect shelter to avoid being drowned. Once they find a suitable place to survive inside your home they will start breeding within your walls.

If you are finding cockroaches inside your home call an exterminator right away. Whichever roach species is infesting your home you need to hire a pest control company that has the knowledge and tools to apply the right products at the right places. Our technicians will quickly and effectively tackle this problem. GOTBUGSIKILL will keep you and your family safe from cockroaches and other pests.

Mosquito Control In South Florida

Mosquitoes are a year-round battle in South Florida. Mosquitoes are active anytime temperatures are above 70° F. The winters in South Florida are very mild and often the temperature is in the eighties, so we never get a break from them.

The Aedes mosquito is the genus of mosquitoes found in tropical and subtropical zones. Within this genus, two mosquito species are the most problematic in Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade County. The yellow-fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti) and the Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) are the most common species in South Florida. The Aedes mosquitoes are also known as the container mosquito because the female will lay her eggs in any container that holds water. Identifying and eliminating these breeding grounds is the number one step in any mosquito management program.

Potential Breeding Grounds for Mosquitoes:

  • Flowerpots

  • Dishes under potted plants

  • Unused Tires

  • Birth baths

  • Kids toys

  • Empty cans or bottles

  • Clogged gutters

  • Pet bowl

  • Plants like Bromeliads retain water

A single Aedes female can lay up to 1000 eggs in batches of 200 eggs. Before laying a batch, she requires a blood cocktail. The protein plus other compounds in the blood are used for the development and production of the eggs. Before a batch of eggs is produced, she requires a blood meal. A female will bite as many times as needed until she has enough blood to lay a batch. Luckily the male mosquito does not bite, they only feed on the nectar of flowers to get the sugar needed for energy. The females also feed on nectar for energy.

There are several methods of controlling mosquitoes. The traditional way of controlling mosquitoes is with foliar sprays and misting systems. Both systems work by creating a barrier around your home. The misting systems are very expensive to install. An entry-level setup starts at $3,500, plus the quarterly maintenance cost to service the unit. The cost-benefit of this investment and the impact on the environment is not justifiable. We found out that customers who had misting systems were not too happy with the protection and more so after spending thousands of dollars.

Foliar sprays work well until strong rains wash the product away. A little rain does not have a big impact on this type of treatment. However, South Florida’s frequent and torrential rains are too much for the products to hold back. For this reason, foliar sprays need to be done every two weeks to be effective. The solutions used in foliar treatments are made with contact kill products. The active ingredients in these sprays will also kill beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies.

At GOTBUGSIKILL we have done our research and found out there are better ways of controlling mosquitoes that do not harm beneficial insects. The In2Care and the Inzecto mosquito systems are two alternatives to traditional treatments. These eco-friendly and pet-friendly stations work amazingly plus they are affordable.

If you cannot enjoy your backyard with your family and friends because mosquitoes are eating you alive give us a call today. Our technicians will do a thorough assessment of your property and determine which system is most suited for your home. We will also identify potential breeding grounds and use larvicides if there is a feature on the garden that cannot be corrected.

Quality Pest Control You Can Count On!

By focusing on the steps that make pest control successful, GOTBUGSIKILL can confidently offer you a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We do what works to eliminate pests from your home and we won’t rest until you are fully satisfied with our service. If you have any questions or would like help getting rid of pests, reach out to us today!

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