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GOTBUGSIKILL is a family-owned pest control company located in Fort Lauderdale offering eco-friendly and pet-friendly services specifically tailored to homeowners. At GOTBUGSIKILL, our team made a strategic decision to focus solely on residential pest control in order to provide the best home pest control services in the Fort Lauderdale area. 

Our technicians receive rigorous training in the identification and treatment of bugs and other pests common to residential homes. You can rest assured that when we knock on your door, we are the best you can find. KILL365 is our signature pest control program that will keep your family safe and your Fort Lauderdale home bug-free. 

At GOTBUGSIKILL, we do not have salespeople. Our technicians are experts in the field and know exactly what it takes to cure any infestation your home might be facing. While salespeople are trained to sweet talk customers, our technicians are trained to solve problems. With GOTBUGSIKILL you will not have to make two appointments to start your service – we can get started right away because our experts have already identified the problem and assessed the proper solution. 

When you call us for an estimate, we will tell you over the phone what the service charge is before you make an appointment. And there are no cancelations fees. 

GOTBUGSIKILL is not your average exterminator. We believe that you only get one chance to make a first impression, so our technicians arrive in new vehicles and wear clean uniforms every day. We know your home is your sanctuary and we respect that. Before we step a foot inside our technicians will put on booties and other protective accessories. By the time we finish the initial treatment, you will be nothing but impressed with the quality of the service and the knowledge our team has. No other South Florida pest control company is a match for GOTBUGSIKILL!

At GOTBUGSIKILL, “We Kill. You Chill.” Call GOTBUGSIKILL today and leave the killing to us.

Local Fort Lauderdale Exterminators

Fort Lauderdale is the largest city in Broward County with a population of approximately 186,000. Nowadays, Fort Lauderdale is more than just a tourist destination. Today this city supports a wide range of industries. Fort Lauderdale offers an outstanding quality of life, coupled with a thriving economy, it is the perfect place to work and live. Las Olas Boulevard and the Riverwalk are the icons of this remarkable city. Residents and tourists of Fort Lauderdale have access to some of the best dining and beaches in the country.

The rapid growth of Fort Lauderdale has also created a demand for new construction. These new developments are not immune to pests. If you don’t want to see ants or roaches crawling inside your home, it is important to hire a local pest control company. At GOTBUGSIKILL we have many years of experience dealing with pests common to Fort Lauderdale.

If you want to protect your home with the best in the area call GOTBUGSIKILL today. You will not regret it. Our recurring pest control services in Fort Lauderdale are effective and affordable.

Home Pest Control in Fort Lauderdale

While Fort Lauderdale is a lovely place to live and work, its semi-tropical climate makes homes in the area magnets for all sorts of bugs that are ready to invade in search of food, water, and shelter. 

At GOTBUGSIKILL we are experts in eliminating pests from your Fort Lauderdale home, including ants, cockroaches, and other area pests. The pest control industry has evolved over the years and so has GOTGUGSIKILL. Just like a doctor diagnoses a disease before prescribing medication, our technicians are trained to find the source of the infestation before applying the appropriate products and techniques to eliminate it. 

The difference between us and other pest control companies in Fort Lauderdale is that we understand how bugs behave and what it will take to fully evict them from your home. For this to happen, we spend about two hours inspecting and treating during the initial service. The products we apply, in key areas of your home, will get rid of the pests currently invading your home while helping to prevent any future infestations. 

Inside your home, we treat the wall voids, under cabinets, in the garage, in the laundry room, and in the attic. Outside your home, we treat the foundation, bait perimeter, and spray thoroughly under the eaves and entry points. After the initial service, every customer receives a follow-up treatment 2-4 weeks later to be certain there are no more bugs trying to invade your home.

KILL365 Recurring Pest Control

When you call us to get rid of ants, roaches, or mosquitoes, we encourage you to sign up for ongoing services through our KILL365 program. Our quarterly services are affordable and will keep your Fort Lauderdale home free of bugs all year long. 

What can you expect when you partner with GOTBUGSIKILL?

  • A thorough inspection by an expert technician to locate potential entry points or breeding grounds.

  • A customized application of liquid sprays and granular baits specific to your home’s unique needs.

  • Pet-safe, children-safe treatments that target only the insects invading your property.

  • Removal of spider webs and wasp nests around your home.

  • A complete report with notes describing what was done during the service.

  • Recommendations on corrective measures: moisture problems, vegetation touching your home, caulking potential entryways, etc.

  • Free call-backs! If you have a pest issue between services, give us a call and one of our exterminators will return – free of charge!

Call today to learn more about our KILL365 pest program.

Ant Control in Fort Lauderdale

Ants are one of the most challenging pests to eliminate in Fort Lauderdale and South Florida homes. With so many ants in each colony, and so many colonies typically found around each home, unless the entire ant presence is eliminated from the property at once, they will continue to come out. 

In Fort Lauderdale, there are several species of ants that often invade homes. The most common we find are sugar ants and bigheaded ants. Other ant species that frequent Fort Lauderdale homes include pharaoh ants, crazy ants, fire ants, carpenter ants, acrobat ants, and white-footed ants. 

All of these ants have to forage for food and water, which is why in homes, the kitchen is usually their favorite place to go. 

Ant Treatments

Many products, including over-the-counter sprays, are repellent insecticides. These contact insecticides only kill the ants that are actively foraging. However, the vast majority of the ants are healthy in the nest deep in the walls or outside your home. 

If an exterminator fails to eliminate ants from your Fort Lauderdale home, it is because they are using the wrong products. When ants are treated with repellent insecticides, some species split out to avoid the poison and start a new colony somewhere else. This process is known as budding. In a short time, the infestation will only get worse as multiple colonies are created each time the wrong products are used.

At GOTBUGSIKILL, we rely on a mix of liquid and spray treatments that are customized to fit the ant species you are up against and your home’s individual needs. 

Sugar Ants

Sugar ants are also known as ghost ants. They are very tiny and particularly attracted to sugary foods. Sometimes they are very hard to see, hence the nickname ghost ants. 

Sugar ants respond well to baits high in carbohydrate content. The right placement of the bait combined with a spot treatment of a nonrepellent insecticide is all we need to evict these ants from your Fort Lauderdale home. A liquid treatment around the foundation is also important to stop them before they get inside. Our KILL365 pest control program is designed to do just that.

Bigheaded Ants

Bigheaded ants are also a big problem in Fort Lauderdale. These ants have multiple queens and reproduce quickly. The easiest way to identify bigheaded ants is by the soldier or major workers. The soldiers are tasked to protect the nest and their head is much larger than the minor workers. Another sign that you may have bigheaded ants is if you notice piles of sand around your home. These ants excavate to make room for the ever-expanding colony. 

Eliminating bigheaded ants from your Fort Lauderdale home is not easy. Several exterminators struggle to control these ants because they use the wrong sprays and the wrong baits. GOTBUGSIKILL technicians have the best training in South Florida and will eliminate any ant infestation in a short time.

White-footed Ants

White-footed ants are medium-sized ants with a black coloration. They have yellowish-white feet, hence their common name with-footed ants. This is an invasive species introduced to South Florida in recent years. White-footed ants are attracted to sweet substances such as plant nectar and honeydew produced from aphids, mealybugs, and scales. Foragers find their way inside your home through small openings to the interior. Once inside, they move quickly to the kitchen and bathrooms looking for food. If you find heavy trails of black ants inside or outside your Fort Lauderdale home, you probably have a white-footed ant infestation.

Call GOTBUGSIKILL For Immediate Ant Treatment In Fort Lauderdale!

No matter what ant species is invading your Fort Lauderdale home we know how to get rid of them. The first step to successfully eliminate ants is to identify what species is invading your home. Our technicians can quickly identify all the ant species common to South Florida and implant a treatment plan so they are gone for good.

Cockroach Control in Fort Lauderdale

Cockroaches are truly nasty creatures that often invade Fort Lauderdale homes. Roaches are considered a health hazard because they pick up germs as they roam around unsanitary places such as sewers, bathrooms, and garbage. These roaches then walk over your kitchen counters and contaminate your food preparation surfaces with disease-causing bacteria and viruses. Cockroaches also produce certain proteins that cause allergic reactions in some people. These allergens come from saliva, fecal droppings, or body parts from dead roaches. People that have asthma and are also allergic to cockroaches are more likely to experience asthma attacks.

German roaches and American (Palmetto) roaches are the most prevalent species in Fort Lauderdale and southern Florida. 

German Cockroaches

German roaches are small, about ½ in. long, and coffee color. Adults have two black stripes on the thorax. Nymphs look like adults, but they are smaller, with no wings, and have a light stripe on the thorax. 

German cockroaches have a high reproductive potential so getting treatment as soon as you witness cockroaches around your home is important. A single female can produce 200-380 babies in a life span, so the longer you wait, the exponentially worse the problem will become over time. 

American Cockroaches

American cockroaches are considered, for the most part, occasional invaders. American cockroaches, also known as Palmetto roaches, live outdoors in shady and moist areas of the landscape: hollow trees, palm trees, shrubs, woodpiles, mulch, etc. These roaches are much larger, measuring 1 ½ in. or more in length.

When conditions are unfavorable American roaches will move indoors. In South Florida, we experience heavy rainfall during the summers. The heavy accumulation of water forces them to come out from their natural habitat looking for shelter. Rather than being drowned by the rain, your home is the best place to go. American cockroaches also move indoors during periods of cold or extreme hot/dry weather.

Unlike German roaches, the American cockroach is a peridomestic insect. This means they can live both indoors and outdoors. Most of the time these roaches die on the floor once they gain access to your Fort Lauderdale residence. Most of the time they die from dehydration. However, with sufficient moisture, they will become permanent guests inside your house. Indoors they are found in dark places such as floor drains, crawlspaces, attics, wall voids, under cabinets, garage, etc. 

Tips to Prevent German Cockroaches

  • Avoid bringing cardboard boxes inside, cockroaches hide in between the corrugated carton.

  • Avoid bringing used appliances indoors cockroaches may be inside.

  • Throw away the wrapping from takeout foods. 

  • Throw away the food wrapping in the big garbage outside.

  • If you have kids and they take lunch to school inspect the lunch bag when they return home. Cockroaches travel from lunch bag to lunch bag.

  • Never invite guests to your home if you know they have a cockroach infestation in their home, and avoid visiting roach-infested homes. 

  • Never visit family or friends that have German roaches. They are great hitchhikers, and they may take a ride home with you.

Tips To Prevent American Cockroaches

  • Physically remove or eliminate harborage areas in landscaping: trees, woodpiles, mulch, ground cover.
  • Keep grass and shrubs trimmed to allow sunlight and reduce moisture.
  • Inspect irrigation systems and repair broken sprinklers.
  • Use caulk to seal entry points around pipes or utility lines.
  • Repair or replace any broken vents.
  • Store pet food in sealed containers.
  • Inspect the attic for any roof leaks.
  • Inspect crawlspace for any leaky pipes.
  • Inspect HVAC system for condensation issues.
  • Inspect under the sinks for moisture or leaks.
  • Replace wax rings under toilets if they are very old.
  • Inspect for any uncapped pipe inside or outside the home.
  • Run water in all the drains and sinks. A dry pipe is a potential entryway for roaches.
  • Make sure there is a water trap under every sink.
  • Install or replace old weather stripping under exterior doors.
  • Inspect and replace the old rubber seal in the garage door.
  • Replace old sliding windows that have large gaps.
  • American roaches can fly so keep doors close or use screens.

Treat And Prevent Cockroaches With GOTBUGSIKILL

When you sign up for the KILL365 pest control program, our technician will do a thorough treatment inside with dust products and granular baits. This will eliminate any present activity inside your Fort Lauderdale home and prevent future infestations to the application area. 

During our initial visit, one of our expert technicians will do a thorough inspection of your property to determine potential breeding grounds and entry points. Afterward, the liquid treatment around the foundation and the application of granular baits on the landscape will decimate the roach population so they will not move indoors looking for shelter.

The difference between GOTBUGSIKILL and other exterminators in South Florida is that we spend time educating our customers. After we eradicate a cockroach infestation, we teach you what to do so you don’t have to see them ever again!

When you hire GOTBUGSIKILL to solve a cockroach problem in Fort Lauderdale or any other pest issue, you are partnering with the best exterminator in South Florida, period! We are much more than your average pest control company. Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our stellar reviews on Google.

Mosquito Control in Fort Lauderdale

Mosquitoes are vectors to some human diseases such as malaria, dengue fever, and the Zika virus. The Zika virus can cause a serious birth defect in pregnant women called microcephaly.

The most effective way to control mosquitoes in Fort Lauderdale is to prevent them from breeding. Eliminating water-holding containers, natural and artificial, around your Fort Lauderdale home is the initial phase of a mosquito management program. In Broward County, mosquito season starts in February. In South Florida, the summers are hot and very wet. This creates the perfect storm for mosquitoes to explode. 

Tips for Eliminating Mosquito Breeding Grounds

  • Dispose of old tires, aluminum cans, and unused kids’ toys that collect water.

  • Inspect flowerpots and plant containers for water accumulation.

  • Change water in birth baths often and drain when not using.

  • Inspect rain gutters for clogs.

  • Water from air-conditioner overflow should not be allowed to accumulate on the ground.

  • Consider replacing bromeliads with other plants.

  • Remove tree stumps that hold water.

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

  • Use insect repellents: DEET, Picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, etc.

  • Wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants.

  • Keep windows and porches tightly screened.

  • Mosquitoes are most active at dawn or dusk. If possible, stay indoors during these times or inside a screened area.

GOTBUGSIKILL Eco-Friendly Mosquito Elimination

When it is time to get rid of mosquitoes at your Fort Lauderdale home, GOTBUGSIKILL is the best pest control company you can hire. We have the most innovative and eco-friendly solutions so you can stop donating your blood to mosquitoes. Our technicians will do a thorough inspection of your property and help you identify potential breeding grounds that should be eliminated or altered. 

Foliar sprays are the traditional way of killing mosquitoes. This system creates a barrier around your home that lasts a few days. When exterminators spray the shrubs, they use contact kill insecticide to protect your home from mosquitoes looking for a blood meal. These treatments work well in other parts of the country. However, in South Florida, during the summer we have rain almost every day. If you live in Fort Lauderdale, you know that when it pours is literally like jumping into the pool. After doing hundreds of mosquito services in Fort Lauderdale we realized that foliar sprays are not very effective in South Florida. The products don’t hold up well to this wet environment. We believe foliar sprays are more suited for special events such as weddings or to knock off the mosquito population when we start a new service.

Today there are better and more eco-friendly ways to keep mosquitoes under control. In2Care and Inzecto mosquito systems are very effective, and they do not harm beneficial insects such as bees and butterflies. With both systems in place, we deploy stations throughout your yard. These stations are black and filled with water which attracts the female mosquito to lay a batch of eggs. While laying the eggs the mosquito gets contaminated with the active ingredients and shortly after they die. A single female can produce five batches of eggs. Before laying a new batch, they require a new blood meal. By killing 10 females we can prevent 50 bites and 10,000 mosquitos from seeing the day of light.

Worried about mosquitoes around your Fort Lauderdale property? Call us today for extensive mosquito control solutions!

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