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Trusted Pest Control in Lake Worth

GOTBUGSIKILL is the highest rated pest control company in Lake Worth. With so many companies out there vetting for an exterminator to keep your Lake Worth home free of bugs and your loved ones safe can be hard. Here you will learn why you should partner with GOTBUGSIKILL for all your pest control needs.

At GOTBUGSIKILL the safety of your family and the safety of our technicians is our number one priority. Every product in our arsenal is pet-friendly and eco-friendly. Beyond this, we also train our technicians to apply the products in key areas of your home to minimize the exposure while still being extremely effective at controlling many pests. KILL365 is our signature pest prevention program that will keep your Lake Worth home free from ants, cockroaches, mosquitoes, spiders, and other pests.

Many exterminators in Lake Worth have a hard time controlling bugs because they are poorly trained. The right way of doing pest control starts with a thorough inspection using a flashlight. Our technicians are trained to identify potential breeding grounds and entry points. With this information we develop a treatment plan specific to the needs of your Lake Worth home. We are better than the competition because we target our treatments at the source rather than using a blanquette approach.

If you want the best South Florida pest control company, look no further. When you choose GOTBUGSIKILL you know we use the best materials, drive the best service vehicles, hire the best technicians, wear the best uniforms, and provide the best training in the industry.

Another reason for choosing GOTBUGSIKILL is that we make it easy to start your pest control service. While other exterminators first send salespeople; at GOTBUGSIKILL our technicians are the ones who get you started. This means you only need to make one appointment!

Our homes are our biggest investment. You should protect it with the most qualified exterminator in Lake Worth. Call GOTBUGSIKILL today and leave the killing to the pros.

Home Pest Control in Lake Worth

Lake Worth most common pests are ants, cockroaches, and mosquitoes. Florida semitropical weather is ideal for bugs and other pests to reproduce all year long. To keep these intruders away from your home it is important you find the right pest control company.

Our KILL365 pest prevention package is the most comprehensive pest control service in the industry. After the initial inspection our technicians will apply a combination of dust and granular baits in key areas of your Lake Worth home. This task is time consuming, but it is necessary to protect your home from all sorts of pests that may potentially breed within the walls and the attic. If you hire an exterminator and they just spray the baseboards they are doing nothing for you.

When you choose to sign up for our recurring services, we will return every three months to treat the exterior of your home. Our service is 100% guaranteed. If you find pests in between services give us a call. Free call backs are included with your KILL365 pest prevention package.

Ant Control in Lake Worth

When ants make their way inside your Lake Worth home it can be a nightmare to control them. Ants move indoors looking for shelter, food, and water. Many ant species have multiple queens and combined with the fact that ants have a high reproductive potential a few ants can turn into thousands in a short time.

The two ant species that are most troublesome in Lake Worth are bigheaded ants and sugar ants. There are a few other ant species that occasional inflict frustration to homeowners such as crazy ants, whitefooted ants, pyramid ants, pharaoh ants, and carpenter ants.

The nutritional needs and nesting habits for each species varies. GOTBUGSIKILL technicians have the best training in the identification of every species that invade South Florida homes. Along with that we are equipped with the best tools and pet-friendly products to quickly eliminate them from your Lake Worth home.

Budding is a process ants undergo when they feel threatened after treating a home with a contact kill insecticide. Consequently, the colony splits up. This is a big mistake because now you have to deal with multiple colonies rather than one large one. Over the years, countless customers have called GOTBUGSIKILL when other exterminators fail to solve ant infestations. This is a result of poorly trained technicians. Using over the counter sprays will also foment budding. For that reason, we discourage do it yourself pest control.

Don’t wait until the ants are running wild in your home. Reach out today to get started on our effective ant control services in Lake Worth.  Nobody is more qualified to get rid of ants than GOTBUGSIKILL.

Cockroach Control in Lake Worth

Cockroaches are the gladiators of all the insects. These guys can survive a wide range of temperature, humidity, and they can eat pretty much anything. They are also difficult to treat because they hide in cracks and crevices that are hard to reach. In fact, cockroaches are so tough that they can survive the radiation from a nuclear bomb. If you find roaches inside your Lake Worth home, you should call a local pest control company right away.

When you find cockroaches daily or weekly inside your home it is likely they are breeding within your walls. American roaches and German roaches are the most common invaders in the Lake Worth area.

The American cockroach female can produce on average 150 eggs in her lifespan. American cockroaches, also known as palmetto roaches, are peridomestic insects because they can live outdoors and indoors. The natural habitat of palmetto roaches is the outdoors. They are found in moist shaded areas such as mulch, wood piles, and hallow trees. These roaches move indoors by accident when looking for shelter during heavy rainstorms or during very hot days to cool off.

On the other hand, German roaches are physically introduced to the home; and they cannot live outdoors. These roaches are commensal pests because they benefit from living in close association with humans. To prevent German cockroaches homeowners should avoid bringing cardboard boxes or used appliances.

Treating for cockroaches that have become established inside your Lake Worth home requires specialized knowledge, equipment, and products. If you want to get rid of roaches for good call the best for cockroach control services in Lake Worth, GOTBUGSIKILL!

Mosquito Control Lake Worth

Today homeowners have a wide array of options to combat mosquito bites that is hard to choose the right system for your Lake Worth home. The list is long: citronella candles, misting systems, fogging machines, foliar sprays, fans, larvicides, ovi-catch trap, in2care, inzecto, final feed, etc.

After years of experience in the pest control industry GOTBUGSIKILL has found the most effective and affordable Lake Worth mosquito control system for families.

Traditional mosquito systems such as foliar sprays are not very effective in South Florida because of the heavy rainstorms. In Lake Worth you need to do biweekly sprays to keep mosquitoes under control. Another downside of backpack spraying is that the insecticidal barrier is applied on the shrubs surrounding your home. These sprays are harmful to bees and butterflies. This is another reason why we don’t like them. Misting systems work similar to foliar sprays but the products breakdown quickly so they are programed to run daily for a few minutes. Misting systems are also very expensive to install and require quarterly maintenance.

After years of trial and error we found that the In2Care and Inzecto mosquito systems are very effective and affordable to install. In addition to great mosquito control, they are eco-friendly and pet friendly. Bees and butterflies are not harmed by either system.

If you are ready to enjoy your backyard with family and friends without being eating alive by mosquitoes call GOTBUGSIKILL today. Our technician will do a thorough inspection of your Lake Worth property and help you decide which mosquito system is better suited for your home. We will also help you identify potential breeding grounds. Eliminating these water holding containers is the first step of any mosquito prevention program.

Local Exterminators in Lake Worth

Lake Worth is the 9th largest city in Palm Beach County with over 42,000 residents. Lake Worth is a quiet city along the Atlantic coast. Visitors and residents can enjoy access to beautiful beaches, over 20 parks, and a beautiful historic downtown. Take a stroll along Lake Avenue, a palm lined street, filled with coffee houses, art galleries, boutique stores, museum, restaurants, and live music.

Many families choose Lake Worth because houses are affordable, but also because it is a quiet place to live compared to nearby cities. This peaceful city is most enjoyable as long as bugs stay away from your home. Lake Worth semitropical climate provides the ideal conditions for ants, roaches, spider, and several other pests to thrive.

GOTBUGSIKILL is the most trusted exterminator in Lake Worth. When you partner with us you will not have to stress about sharing your home with pesky critters anymore. Our motto is “We Kill. You Chill.”

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Your health and safety is always our top priority. That's why we only use products that are safe for you and your pets and have minimal environmental impact.

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Educating homeowners on best practices for pest prevention is often where other pest control companies fall short. We include this education to ensure success.

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By focusing on the steps that make pest control successful, GOTBUGSIKILL can confidently offer you a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We do what works to eliminate pests from your home and we won’t rest until you are fully satisfied with our service. If you have any questions or would like help getting rid of pests, reach out to us today!

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