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The Best Pest Control In West Palm Beach, FL

West Palm Beach is the largest city in Palm Beach County with a population of approximately 112,000. West Palm Beach is a vibrant waterfront city that offers upscale boutique shops and fine dining for its residents and thousands of visitors that arrive each year.

Located next to the water this tropical paradise is a magnet to many pests. Living in West Palm Beach means that you have to constantly deal with ants, roaches, mosquitoes, spiders, rodents, and many other nuisance pests. For this reason, professional pest control services can be a huge help!

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Residents in West Palm Beach expect the best and only hire the most competent exterminators that can keep their homes bug-free and their families safe. GOTBUGSIKILL is the highest-rated pest control company in West Palm Beach with over 100 five-star reviews in Google, Yelp, and BBB.

Since 2017 we have provided effective pest control in West Palm Beach and surrounding areas. Our service plans are always personalized to meet your specific needs. The majority of the homes we service are on a quarterly schedule. We also offer bi-monthly or monthly services for properties that have high pest pressures. With our pet-friendly pest control program we will guard your home from all sorts of pests, guaranteed!

Ant Control In West Palm Beach, FL

One of the biggest problems in West Palm Beach is sugar ants, also known as ghost ants. They are one of the smallest ants we have to deal with as exterminators, at about 1/16” long. The common name ghost ant is from the fact that these ants are tiny and pale in color and thus very hard to see. Ghost ants are highly attracted to carbohydrates, therefore also known as sugar ants. When your West Palm Beach home is infested with sugar ants you will find them trailing single file on the counters and cabinets. Initially, you will see a few foragers looking for food. Once a food source is located, they produce a pheromone trail to recruit more ants. Soon afterward hundreds of them will appear. The only way to exterminate ghost ants is to eliminate the entire colony. Using over-the-counter sprays will not solve sugar ants in West Palm Beach. This tropical ant is highly adaptable in its nesting habits. Once inside, they nest in wall voids, behind baseboard, and cavities in the cabinets.

Another common ant that invades West Palm Beach homeowners is the bigheaded ant. The name bigheaded refers to the large head of the major workers or the soldiers. The major workers are only 1% of the foragers. Colonies of bigheaded ants have a large number of queens and brood production is year-round in the South Florida tropical weather. Control of bigheaded ants is difficult because of the numerous colonies that extend across property lines. Bigheaded ants like to nest in the soil, usually under a tree or around pavers. If you see piles of loose sandy soil inside or outside your West Palm Beach home, you most likely have bigheaded ants. Fortunately, bigheaded ants do not bite unless their nest is disturbed.

Crazy ants and white-footed ants are also a local pest of West Palm Beach that requires professional help to exterminate. GOTBUGSIKILL is the ant specialist of Palm Beach County and South Florida. Ants are difficult to control on your own. Do-it-yourself products or home remedies almost never work for ants in South Florida. We are the best pest control company in West Palm Beach and our reviews speak for themselves. Call us today to schedule the initial service and get started on our effective ant control services in West Palm Beach.

Cockroach Control In West Palm Beach, FL

American roaches are the most common cockroaches in West Palm Beach and South Florida. These monster bugs are also known as palmetto roaches or waterbugs. They are also the largest cockroaches pest control professionals are called to exterminate. Adults can grow to a little over two inches long.

American roaches have a high reproductive potential. Once this cockroach invades your West Palm Beach home, they multiply fast. Palmetto roaches commonly enter structures through gaps such under doors, sliding windows, utility line holes, vents, garage doors, or they can even fly in if you leave the doors or windows open. Our exterminators are trained to identify these common entry points and will give you recommendations on how to seal those gaps.

American roaches also live in the sewer lines, and they can access your West Palm Beach residence if there is a breach in the plumbing system such as a broken pipe, toilet with a defective wax ring, uncapped pipe, poorly built drains, etc. Many of our West Palm Beach customers are snowbirds and during the hot Florida summers, they go back north. When a home is vacant for a few months the water trap in the drains dries up and becomes an open door for palmetto roaches to enter the home. If you do not live in West Palm Beach year-round it is important to plug all the drains when you are not in the house.

Whether palmetto cockroaches gain access through gaps, or a breach in the plumbing system, once inside they will become established in the walls of your home. At this point, the only way to get rid of this cockroach infestation is to hire a local exterminator that has the knowledge and expertise to handle this specialty job.

The second most common cockroach to invade West Palm Beach homes is German roaches. German cockroaches are considered domestic roaches. The only possible way they can infest your home is by accidentally introducing them into the home. In multifamily buildings, they can travel from unit to unit. Of all the ways German roaches can gain access to your West Palm Beach home cardboard boxes are number one. Whenever possible keep cardboard boxes outside the home. Prevention is the best cure for any disease and the same is true for German roaches. For help with cockroaches and to learn more about our cockroach control services in West Palm Beach, reach out to us at GOTBUGSIKILL.

Mosquito Control In West Palm Beach

West Palm Beach is a true tropical paradise that is the envy of many people around the world. Unfortunately, mosquitoes also enjoy this tropical oasis. During the summer rains, mosquito populations explode in West Palm Beach. Hiring a pest control company that regularly services your home for mosquitoes is a must for South Florida. If you want to enjoy your backyard with family and friends, you need to call GOTBUGSIKILL.

In addition to the painful bites, mosquitoes are also vectors of many human diseases such as the Zika virus, dengue, malaria, yellow fever, etc. Mosquitoes are the deadliest insect in the world. About 700 million people contract mosquito-borne diseases each year causing more than one million deaths a year.

The three most common ways to treat for mosquitoes in West Palm Beach is with misting systems, backpack sprays, and all-natural non-spray system. The misting systems are very expensive to install, and they are not very effective considering the high cost. The mist from the nozzle is a very fine spray and anytime there is wind the product can drift away from the targeted areas. The second drawback is that the mist cannot effectively penetrate deep foliage where mosquitoes are resting. That leaves many untreated areas. On the other hand, the traditional spray is better because the backpack blower pushes the product deep into the foliage.

There is a better way of controlling mosquitoes in West Palm Beach and that is with the non-spray In2Care system. In2Care is only available to pest control companies after completing a mandatory course. With the In2Care system, we deploy on average 2 to 5 stations throughout the yard. The female mosquito is attracted to the station because it is dark and is filled with water, so it is the perfect breeding ground to lay her eggs. During the process, she picks up two active ingredients, a larvicide and a fungal spore. When the mosquito leaves the station, she contaminates other breeding grounds around your home while she visits more places to lay her eggs. A few hours later the mosquito dies from the fungal disease, so it is not able to bite anymore. Stop donating your blood and take back control of your yard with West Palm Beach mosquito control services from GOTBUGSIKILL.

Why Choose GOTBUGSIKILL Pest Control?

GOTBUGSIKILL is a family-owned pest control company in West Palm Beach. Our eco-friendly and pet-friendly services are tailored to homeowners. GOTBUGSIKILL made a strategic decision to focus just on residential pest control. Our technicians receive the most rigorous training in the identification and treatment of bugs common to residential homes. You can rest assured that when we knock on your door, we are the best you can find. KILL365 is our signature pest control program that will keep your West Palm Beach home bug-free and your family safe.

At GOTBUGSIKILL we do not have salespeople. Our technicians are the experts in the field and know exactly what it takes to cure an infestation in your home. Salespeople are trained to sweet talk customers; technicians are trained to solve problems. With GOTBUGSIKILL you will not have to make two appointments to start your service.

We believe prices should be uniform and based on the size of your home. When you call us for an estimate, we will tell you over the phone what the service charge is before you make an appointment. And there are no cancelations fees.

You only get one chance to make a first impression. You probably heard this before. GOTBUGSIKILL is not your average exterminator. Our technicians arrive in new vehicles and wear clean uniforms every day. We know your home is your sanctuary and we respect that. Before we step a foot inside our technicians will put on booties. By the time we finish the initial service, you will be nothing but impressed with the quality of the service and the knowledge our team has. No other pest control company in West Palm Beach is a match for GOTBUGSIKILL!

Our company motto is “We Kill. You Chill.” Call GOTBUGSIKILL today and leave the killing to us.

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