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Reliable Pest Control Solutions In Plantation, Florida

Having a reliable pest control company by your side is a necessity to protect your Plantation home from many creepy crawlers that want to invade.

Plantation is one of the best cities in Broward County to raise a family, and it goes without saying that the safety of loved ones is something that neighbors in this community take very seriously. The threat of pest activity is real in this part of South Florida, and allowing bugs to invade your home could pose harm to your family and pets. Dealing with a pest infestation is a nightmare you don’t want to deal with on your own. Luckily, GOTBUGSIKILL is here to help you with this task.

Our pest control treatments are effective, eco-friendly, and pet-friendly. Unlike our competitors, we only service residential homes, so our pest management professionals receive more training tailored to solve bug problems in single-family home properties.

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Home Pest Control In Plantation, FL

Our specialty is residential pest control. At GOTBUGSIKILL, our technicians are trained to solve pest infestations of all sorts, but above all, we train them to prevent bugs from nesting inside your Plantation home.

Bugs need shelter, food, and water for survival. Our homes are an ideal harborage for many pests, and therefore these structures are susceptible to many uninvited guests, especially ants and cockroaches.

As the saying goes, prevention is the best medicine. The same is true for pest control. When your home is not being treated on a regular basis, pests such as sugar ants, bigheaded ants, and palmetto roaches will overrun your house. Our pest control solutions will also control occasional invaders, including silverfish, millipedes, spiders, centipedes, earwigs, and crickets. We also offer specialty services for ticks, fleas, and bed bug extermination.

Our signature pest prevention program is KILL365. Most of our customers in Plantation are serviced every three months. With our no-pest guarantee program, your home will stay pest-free year-round. If you have any issues in between services, let us know, and we will return free of charge.

With GOTBUGSIKILL… “We Kill. You Chill”

Ant Control In Plantation, FL

Have you ever noticed tiny little ants on your kitchen counters with half of their bodies almost translucent? If this is the case, you are dealing with a sugar ant infestation. This is the most common household-infesting ant in Plantation and, for that matter, in South Florida.

Another ant species that often invades homes in Plantation, FL, is bigheaded ants. This species is easy to identify because they make sand piles around your property in order to expand the colony. Also, you will see that some individuals have very large heads, hence the common name bigheaded ants. These are soldiers, also known as the majors.

Bigheaded ants can create super colonies underneath the home that can extend beyond your property line. When this species reaches super-colony status, they will start trailing inside your home, and along with it, you may find sand particles on the floors and body parts from dead ants that are carried away from the nest.

In order to cure an ant infestation in your Plantation home, it is important to use specific products known as non-repellent insecticides. The active ingredients in these compounds take several hours to start killing the ants. This gives sufficient time for the foragers to bring the toxins back to the nest and kill the entire colony.

The extensive greenery of Plantation provides the perfect habitat for carpenter ants, so protecting one of the biggest investments from wood damage is a priority for the customers we serve in this community.

Being able to identify the species of ants infesting your home and the science behind the treatments we perform is the main thing that sets GOTBUGSIKILL apart from other pest control companies in Broward County.

Cockroach Control In Plantation, FL

Palmetto roaches are the most common cockroaches that invade homes in Plantation, FL. These pests are known to roam in unsanitary areas where they pick up pathogenic bacteria, and they represent a big threat to families living in South Florida.

When you hire GOTBUGSIKILL for your initial service, we will get rid of every single roach breeding within the walls of your Plantation house. Our technicians will apply long-lasting insecticide dusts in the wall voids of the kitchen and bathrooms. Plus, we will also apply granular baits under the cabinets and in the attic. The only way to get rid of palmetto roaches is to apply the products in the same places where these nasty creatures are breeding. If the cockroach control company you hire only sprays the baseboards, you are wasting your money.

German roaches are also a big threat to families living in Plantation. Unlike the American cockroaches, these bugs are physically introduced into our homes by accident. An infestation of German roaches usually starts by introducing cardboard boxes, bringing in used appliances, ordering delivery food, or inviting guests that live with these roaches.

German roaches are excellent hitchhikers, and they will find a ride in almost any item. When you choose GOTBUGSIKILL as your exterminator, our pest management professional will educate you on how to prevent this nasty bug from ever becoming a problem. In the unlikely event that a customer of ours finds a German cockroach, our technicians will treat your home with specialty products that will stop them in their tracks before they become a problem.

Besides contaminating foods and food preparation surfaces from potentially harmful bacteria they shed off, cockroaches pose another level of danger. Cockroaches have certain allergens in the form of saliva, fecal droppings, bodily excretions, and dead body parts. These allergens can trigger allergic reactions in some people.

Mosquito Control In Plantation, FL

Implementing a mosquito control program for your Plantation home starts with a thorough inspection of the property.

During this inspection, our technicians will look for places where stagnant water is accumulating, which creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes. We will also identify objects in the yard that can collect water during a rainstorm and create new breeding grounds overnight.

Removing water-holding containers will go a long way toward preventing mosquitoes and enjoying your backyard without being eaten alive. A single female mosquito can lay up to 1,000 eggs in a lifespan, so making sure that the females have no place to lay the eggs has a big impact on the reduction of mosquitoes.

With our foliage sprays, we will build a barrier of protection around your property. When mosquitoes rest under the leaves, they get a lethal dose of insecticide, and this is the best way to prevent these biters from ruining your outdoor activities with family and friends.

With GOTBUGSIKILL, you will take back control of your backyard and keep your loved ones saved. Call us today for the best mosquito control program in Plantation, FL.

Local Exterminators In Plantation, FL

Plantation is located in the middle of Broward County and offers over 1,000 acres of open space. The city of Plantation’s slogan is “where the grass is greener.”

This community offers an incredible quality of life for all its residents, with beautiful landscapes, manicured avenues, and a wide array of restaurants and retail stores.

The abundance of vegetation in Plantation means that the presence of household-infesting bugs is much higher than that of other metropolitan areas in South Florida. Because of this, it is important to partner with a highly rated exterminator that will keep your home pest-free year-round.

When you hire GOTBUGSIKILL, you can rest assured we will protect your home and keep your family safe from many household-infesting insects.

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