Heat Treatments For Bed Bugs—Do They Really Work?

Bed bugs are very susceptible to heat. When exposed to temperatures between 117-122 degrees Fahrenheit for an extended period, all the adults, juveniles, and eggs will die.

Pest control companies that offer heat treatments for bed bugs use specialized heat trailers to power up the heating units placed inside the home. During a heat treatment, the temperature is raised to 135-145 Fahrenheit. The techs place fans and remote thermometers in the rooms to circulate the heat, and to make sure they reach the desired temperatures.

Heat is without question very lethal and quickly kills the bed bugs exposed to the high temperatures, plus, no residue is left behind after the treatment. Sounds great, right? There is, however, one key weakness to this form of treatment; some areas of the home may be insulated from the heat, allowing any bed bugs that are behind the walls or deep inside a piece of furniture, where heat cannot easily travel, to escape. Additionally, if a customer reintroduces bed bugs into their home, there is no barrier to stop them from reinfesting.

Heat treatments require the use of expensive equipment plus labor cost. This cost is passed on to the customer, and the average price is $800/room or $2,400 for a small three-room home. Considering that heat treatments have an inherent degree of failure and a high price tag, we believe there are better and more affordable options.

Aprehend® is highly effective and half the price compared to a heat treatment. Plus, Aprehend® leaves a residue that lasts up to 90 days! We are proud to have successfully eradicated dozens of bed bug infestations, relieving families of many itchy bites and sleepless nights.

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