Mosquito Control: Spraying Versus Misting Systems

Most professional pest control companies that sell mosquito treatment programs offer both Mosquito Spraying and Mosquito Misting Systems. Though both treat mosquitoes on the property, there are some important differences to note when deciding what system will work best to solve your mosquito control needs. 

Mosquito Spraying

Mosquito Spraying is a service that requires the use of a motorized backpack mist blower. The spray solution in the tank flows through a hose to a nozzle at the tip of the blower. The wind generated from the blower breaks the water particles into small droplets ranging in size from 50 to 100 microns. The droplets are so lightweight that the air current from the blower pushes the residual insecticide deep into the foliage. During the day, mosquitoes rest on the underside of leaves. Therefore, once this spray comes into contact, it will kill mosquitoes on site.

The spray leaves a residue behind that last 3 to 4 weeks creating a protective barrier around the property. Mosquito barriers are effective because they quickly cover large outdoor areas and can get the product deep into the foliage where mosquitoes like to hide and rest. Mosquito spraying is not a good choice of treatment if there is little or no vegetation around the property.

Mosquito Misting

Mosquito misting systems have become popular in recent years. The system consists of spray nozzles mounted on the outdoors of the property close to high traffic areas or where people like to socialize. The nozzles are connected by tubing that runs along the perimeter of the home or next to the fence line. A technician will calibrate a pump to deliver a few seconds of mist around dawn and dusk.

The insecticides used in misting systems are pyrethrums that last a few hours once exposed to the environment. Daily misting applications are required to keep the mosquitos under control.

Misting systems are more expensive than spraying treatments, but they offer more frequent treatment of the property. Having a misting system is a luxury that will set you back several hundred dollars. The installation of misting systems ranges between $2,500 to $4,500. After the initial investment, these units need to be serviced a few times during the season to add more insecticide to the pump. On average you will spend $2.50 per day during the mosquito season.

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