Professional Carpenter Bee Control Services: A Smart Decision For Boca Raton Properties

We have to make decisions every day. Some choices are mundane, but others require thought and wisdom. We all have made judgments we wish we could change, but there are others we are happy we made. One of the best decisions you can make is to secure pest control from GOTBUGSIKILL.

After many years in the pest control industry, Juan Cava began GOTBUGSIKILL. Our family-owned and operated company does not lock people into contracts or charge cancellation fees, and our trained technicians use only safe products for pets and children. Choosing GOTBUGSIKILL as your carpenter bee exterminator for your Boca Raton house is one of the best decisions you will make to protect the structural integrity of your home. 

Do Carpenter Bees Eat Wood?

Carpenter bees infest wood, but unlike termites, they do not consume wood for nutrition. Instead, carpenter bees bore smooth tunnels into soft, damp wood to create nests and feed on nectar for their nutritional needs. Unlike other bees, they are not social creatures that live together with bees in a hive; every carpenter bee creates its own tunnel and nesting area. 

Inside a carpenter tunnel, the female creates chambers to lay its eggs and guard the developing larvae. During the winter, carpenter bees hibernate in abandoned tunnels and awaken in the spring to mate, expand the nest, or create new ones. A new gallery is four to six inches long, but reused tunnels may extend up to ten feet into the wood. 

Although carpenter bees do not eat wood, their tunnels weaken the wood’s integrity. If left unchecked, a carpenter bee infestation can result in structural damage to the home. GOTBUGSIKILL can stop carpenter bees from harming your house and save you money on repair costs. 

Carpenter Bees Will Only Sting If Provoked

An encounter with carpenter bees can be scary since the males are territorial. Male carpenter bees do not sting, but they hover close to people, which causes many to panic in fear. When provoked, female carpenter bees will sting. Bees have barbed stingers, unlike the smooth stingers on wasps or fire ants. If a female carpenter bee stings, the stinger detaches from the body and pumps venom into your body, which results in pain and swelling. A sting from a carpenter bee may require medical attention for those with severe allergies.

Although they lack the yellow marking on their abdomens, carpenter bees look like bumble bees, which adds to the fear many experience when they buzz around your head. One way to quickly distinguish between carpenter and bumble bees is their abdomen. If there are no yellow markings or hairs and the abdomen is smooth and shiny, it is a carpenter bee. 

Reduce encounters with carpenter bees by using carpenter bee control near you from GOTBUGSIKILL.

Natural Ways To Prevent Carpenter Bees Around The Yard And Home

You can deter carpenter bees from invading your property in the future by the following:

  • Paint or stain exposed timbers on your property.

  • Use hardwoods for fence posts, landscape, and construction.

  • Seal existing holes in wood with putty or caulk.

  • Cover foundation and roofline cracks to prevent carpenter bees from entering the home. 

Failure to implement these steps encourages carpenter bees to infest your property, and the larvae they produce also attract woodpeckers, which can increase damage to wood structures. 

GOTBUGSIKILL provides carpenter bee prevention in Boca Raton. When we inspect your property, we can provide additional suggestions for your situation. 

The Best Thing To Do About Carpenter Bees On Your Property

When you notice large holes in timber around your home, you need the bee removal service from GOTBUGSIKILL. Our trained technicians will inspect your Boca Raton home for entry points, attractants, and hot spots. Because carpenter bees are not the only insects that damage wood (e.g., carpenter ants and termites), it is necessary to identify the pest hurting the structural integrity of timber on your property so we can apply the correct treatment. 

Once we gather our data, we treat the home using a combination of dusting and liquid treatments to remove the carpenter bees from the house. We also work with you to eliminate attractants and provide additional suggestions to deter carpenter bees from staying on the property. With the KILL365 plan, we return quarterly to refresh barriers to keep carpenter bees and other pests away throughout the year. 

Our motto is: Need A Kill? Give us a call! So, contact us today to learn more about our pest-free guarantee and to get a free estimate.

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