What To Do About Wasps Invading Your Fort Lauderdale Property

Seeing a wasp outside is concerning. Seeing wasps buzzing around your home’s exterior is a good reason to start looking for help. The closer these bugs are to your walls, windows, and doors, the more likely they are to come indoors. Wasps love to build nests in the voids of homes and outbuildings. They are also known for being aggressive and stinging humans who get too close to their homes.

If you are currently dealing with an active problem with these pests on your property, let us know. Our team at GOTBUGSIKILL is ready to find an option for wasp nest removal that will best handle these bugs for you. Keep reading to discover more about the different types of wasps in Fort Lauderdale and find out why they are such a big problem locally.

Distinctive Wasp Characteristics: How To Identify Wasps

There are a few distinct characteristics that set the wasp apart from other common insects that live here in Fort Lauderdale. For one, this bug has a pointed lower abdomen and a narrow waist. This narrow waist is called a petiole. Some types of wasps have long petioles, like mud wasps, also known as mud daubers. Others have a short petiole.

Another thing that all wasps have in common is the ability to sting. The pain of a sting, however, varies depending on the species. Paper wasps have one of the most painful stings in our area, whereas mud daubers have one of the least painful stings. If you have been noticing odd-looking bugs around your property and want to know if they are wasps or what type of wasps they might be, let us help. One thing we do at GOTBUGSIKILL is inspect properties and help homeowners identify pest problems. Schedule an appointment today to find out what bugs are inside and around your home.

Some Wasps Can Be Dangerously Aggressive

Wasps are most likely not as dangerous as you think they are. Although it is true that these pests have the ability to sting and are life-threatening to certain people, they are not inherently aggressive. What do we mean by this? Well, all local species do not go out of their way to attack humans or animals. They only sting if they feel like their lives or the life of their queen are in danger. Certain species, like yellow jackets, become increasingly aggressive during the fall months as they prepare their queens for hibernation. Considering that we live in Florida, it does not typically get cold enough for wasps to hibernate.

Keeping all of this in mind, the closer a wasp nest is to your home, the more likely these pests will be to get aggressive and try to scare you away. For this reason, you should always do what you can to address newly forming nests before they pose a threat to you and your family. 

Why You Shouldn’t Try To Get Rid Of Wasps On Your Own

There is one obvious reason why you should not try to handle different wasps on your own. If you try to eliminate a nest on your own, it is likely that you will be stung. Things get trickier when nests are in precarious or tight spaces, like high up in barns, tucked between the branches of a tree, or in your attic. The last thing we want is for you to attempt to control these pests and suffer from the backlash of an aggressively swarming colony.

For this reason, we will always recommend leaning on us for assistance. Our team has the training and safety equipment needed to deal with these dangerous pests without risking our health. Call us today to find out more about our wasp control or to make an appointment for your home. 

Fort Lauderdale’s Most Effective Wasp Control Method

Let’s talk wasp removalIf these raging insects have taken over your property, you only have a few options. You can try to tackle a nest on your own and risk the threat of being stung. You can also call a friend over and let them take on that risk. Or, you can trust our team at GOTBUGSIKILL.

We have the safety equipment, training, and products needed to combat these bugs without getting stung, or at least with minimal risk. Our team loves what they do and enjoys helping locals with all sorts of pest problems. Call GOTBUGSIKILL to become a part of our pest control family and schedule a service visit to have wasps removed from your Fort Lauderdale property.

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