Why Bed Bugs Have Resurged In The United States And Especially South Florida

Decades ago, with the use of chlorinated hydrocarbon insecticides such as DDT, bed bugs were nearly eradicated from the United States. However, since the ban of DDT in 1972, bed bugs have developed a resistance to the new but much less toxic insecticide formulations called pyrethroids. The consensus in the pest management industry is that when a new product is introduced to the market, it is highly effective. However, after repeated use of the same formula, some bed bugs develop a resistance to the new generation of insecticides. Eventually, a few bed bugs will survive the treatment and start to pass on the resistance gene to their offspring. In a few years, a product that used to work well is no longer viable for bed bug eradication.

Besides resistance to pyrethroids, beg bugs are excellent hitchhikers and can easily be transported on people’s clothes or personal belongings from place to place. The increase in worldwide travel and immigration, particularly in south Florida, has also contributed to the resurgence of bed bugs. Bed bugs are found most commonly in hotels, motels, multifamily buildings, temporary housing, schools, and public transportation. However, you may also find them in movie theaters, furniture rental stores, restaurants, daycares, resorts, and in relocation units such as moving vans.

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